Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes

When planning your proposal, you have to be sure everything is going to be absolutely perfect – from the setting, to the weather (though fingers crossed is all we got), to the ring, of course. But what about the engagement ring box? Not many men put thought into the box that the star of the show sits in, but it’s always the small details that make a proposal so special. We’ve found some unusual (but awesome) engagement ring boxes for some inspiration.

Image 1 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes

This adorable Mad Hatter ring box is made by The Modelmaker. The Mad Hatter’s hat opens to reveal the engagement ring! This is a perfect way to connect your loved one’s past with their present – who doesn’t love reconnecting with their childhood? Any Disney lover is bound to adore this. You can also contact The Modelmaker to have an original design created for your engagement ring box!

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Beach bums: this one is for you. The beach can be one of the most romantic places to spend time together, and it’s the perfect place to propose. Placing your engagement ring inside of a seashell box is the ideal way to tie it all together. The best part of this box is that it’s homemade – you can choose any shells you want to and link them to create the perfect beach-inspired box to house your future spouse’s ring.

Image 3 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes
Carving a niche in her favorite book and placing the ring inside of it will surely be a tearjerker for your bookworm bride. This is especially cute if the book means something to both of you. Just make sure to use a copy of the book that isn’t her own!

Image 4 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes
Lots of couples spend downtime together eating Chinese food on the couch and watching movies. If you’re planning on proposing while she leasts expects it, this is a great way to do it. Some Chinese food places will place the ring inside a fortune cookie for you, so ask your favorite local eatery! What better fortune could a future bride get than a gorgeous engagement ring?

Image 5 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes Is your future bride a foodie or Francophile? Placing her ring inside a macaroon box will not only shock her – it will make her realize how well you know her. You can order a box like this from this sweet shop in Vancouver.

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An artistic groom carved this box for his future bride and it’s absolutely beautiful. If you have artistic skills, this is a beautiful way to personalize your proposal – especially if it’s in a rustic or woodsy setting.

Image 7 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes
This softball engagement ring box is perfect for the sporty bride! You’ll have to cut and carve it yourself, but with this much thought and effort, you definitely won’t strike out!

Image 8 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes
Paul Pape makes gorgeous engagement ring boxes ranging from $200-$500. This one features the Doctor Who Tardis, which any Whovian is sure to adore.

Image 9 of Unusual (but Awesome) Engagement Ring Boxes
This Up engagement ring box is also made by Paul Pape. As a cherished Disney love story, the meaning behind this engagement ring box transcends its original purpose and will be a great keepsake as you begin your life journey with your future bride.