Unnati and Akash

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How We Met

We knew each other back in college but never thought of anything until I saw him again about a year ago and decided to give it a try and it worked out great!

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how they asked

We had a trip to Boston planned with my friend and her boyfriend way before we had decided to get married. Couple months before our trip to Boston, he called me and said Unnati we are going on a vacation from October 21-23 but I can’t tell you where, its a surprise so just have your bags packed. Also, make sure you pack dressy clothes. Right, when I heard that, I was convinced I was going to get proposed to because I had designed my ring back in July and the ring wasn’t going to be ready till October. So everything was adding up for me and had decided to go get a new dress, get my nails done, eyebrows, etc. With that in mind, I went to Boston with my now fiance and my two friends. For this trip, I had told my girlfriend, she was in charge of making the itinerary since I was busy. So on our way there, she told me about all the activities we will be doing and I just said yeah sure, everything sounds great without thinking too much into it.

Now fast forward to the day of the proposal… My girlfriend kept telling me I had to dress up fancy because the restaurant we are going to is a high-end place where you can’t get in if you are not properly dressed. I said okay and started to get ready. Once we were all ready, we head to the restaurant but half way there, Akash ( my fiance) decided to stop by the mall to get shoes because he didn’t like the ones he had on. We finally get to the mall and I’m annoyed because Akash wants new stupid shoes instead of going to the restaurant to eat. I started wandering by myself in the stores to find him the perfect shoes, as I was doing that, my girlfriend dragged me out the store saying this isn’t the right store, we have to go to the third floor. As I was leaving the store, a random guy starts dancing and more people join him. Which I was confused and excited at the same time because I LOVE FLASHMOBS!

I was so happy to see one in person but didn’t make sense why they were dancing to an Indian song. After few minutes one of the dancers grabbed Akash into the group and he starts dancing!!!! That’s when I knew the flash mob was for ME!!!!

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I teared up as he was dancing and when he got on his one knee to ask me to marry him.

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OFCOURSE I said YESSSSSSS right away lol!

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It was a dream come true for me because never in million years did I think that I would find a guy who is not only loving and caring but would go out of his way to make this moment so special and memorable for me.

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I always dreamed of the time I would get proposed to and he outdid all my expectations! Wait there is more…….

The next day on our way back home. I started to plan out our engagement party and I’m talking to him about how I would like to do it, who we would invite, etc, etc…That night when we reached home, Akash told me we are going to his friend Lincoln’s place for dinner to celebrate. I got ready and we were on our way to Philly for dinner. When I knocked on the door, Lincoln opened the door and as I walked into his living room, the entire room was filled with people yelling out SURPRISE! I was so surprised and shocked that everyone was there. All of our close friends had gathered to congratulate us.

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We did a toast at the house and we headed out to the city. I thought he had given me all the surprises for the weekend but I was wrong…. there is more! When we got to the club, one I realized Akash and I had our very own snap chat filter! Second, about every 15-30 minutes, someone I was close to showed up at the club and approached me. Our friends had traveled from NYC, Atlantic City, Maryland, Virginia, and much more to be part of this event. Not only he gave me the best proposal ever but he also planned out full of surprise engagement party for me!

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Growing up, every girl dreams of having a guy who will treat her like a princess and today I’m fortunate enough to say that I am that lucky girl to have found the perfect guy.

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