United States Naval Academy Proposal over Christmas

Romantic Proposal in the Rain_ 2013-12-22_0029

Burch and I originally met in high school and had been in a long distance relationship for the last two years. I was living in California while Burch flew helicopters for the Navy moving around far too often. We did our best to see each other as much as possible, but this was made more difficult when the Navy sent Burch to Guam in March 2013 to fly search and rescue helicopters.

Shortly after arriving on the island, he was sent on deployment to Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. It worked out that he was set to return back shortly before Christmas, and right before a friend’s wedding. We decided that rather than meet in our hometown in Southern California, we would meet in Annapolis for the wedding and some relaxing post-deployment leave. Burch was thrilled to get a taste of some cold weather before heading back to Guam and I was excited to finally see him after four long months.

The weekend was wonderful, and our friends wedding was amazing, but I was so bummed as I had wanted to get a good picture in front of Bancroft Hall at the United States Naval Academy all weekend and never did. Burch graduated from the Naval Academy in 2010 and every time we visit I love walking around campus and enjoying how truly beautiful it is. On Sunday, Burch suggested we walk over and take a picture after church. Unfortunately, when we walked outside it was pouring down rain. We decided to walk over anyways, but I headed inside as Burch had mentioned there is usually a very pretty Christmas tree. Our friend Tyler came along to take the picture for us, which I later learned that he was there to video the event.

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As soon as we got to the door, I saw the tree and was so excited I ran inside leaving Burch outside in the rain. As I reached for my camera thrilled to take a picture, I didn’t even notice our photographer, Caitlin, in the corner snapping away. Burch walked in and insisted I didn’t need my camera, and got down on one knee as he asked the most perfect question. I was completely shocked but so incredibly elated.

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It was a magical moment in one of our favorite places, that now will not only be where Burch graduated from college, but also where we began our forever. Burch’s sister and husband then met us, and we all celebrated with a glass of champagne. Caitlin then led us through a wonderful photo session in the rain, making it that much more fun and romantic. Needless to say I am completely in love with the rain and our proposal on a beautiful rainy December day.

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Photos by CJK Visuals