Trending: Unique Engagement Ring Diamond Cuts

At How They Asked, we’re all about a dreamy diamond engagement ring. (Who isn’t really?) And, while we’ve covered unique diamond cuts in the past—today, we wanted to talk about what’s trending in real-time. Pinterest recently released some research that shows us exactly what’s hot right now in the always-brilliant world of diamonds. Below, we’ve broken down the three most popular engagement ring diamond cuts on Pinterest. Read on to find out which cuts and shapes have people across the world searching…and swooning.

Asscher Cut (Pinterest search is +1344%)

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When you think of an asscher cut diamond, picture an emerald-cut diamond, but square. Just like with an emerald cut, an asscher cut diamond is chock-full of those same unmistakable step facets that give it that classic “mirrors in a hallway” look. (Step facets are straight facets that run parallel to the edges of a square or rectangular diamond.) In other words, no diamond cut does depth quite like the faceted asscher cut. PRO TIP: Because the table of an asscher cut is flat, you can see straight to the center of the stone—making it super easy to see any inclusions. You’ll want to keep clarity in mind as you shop for an asscher cut.

Why we love it, too: The asscher cut strikes a crazy-delicate balance for us. One on hand, it feels storied, vintage, and art deco—but, on the other, it feels clean and modern. Something about those stunning stepped facets and the clean square shape manage to create an aesthetic that’s grand, timeless, and yet slightly modern all at once.


Double Halo (Pinterest search is +991%)

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The only thing better than one diamond halo? Two. Double Halo rings add serious depth and dimension to your center stone by using a double-layer of diamond halos to frame it. With the ability to add sparkle and shine like nobody’s business, it’s really no wonder double halos are Pinterest’s second most searched engagement ring of the moment. (Psst…positive your partner wants a halo? Check out our roundup of heavenly halo engagement rings here.)

Why we love it, too: Because halos use smaller diamonds, they’re a cost-effective way to achieve that unmistakable sparkle without having to go all-in on a massive solitaire. Plus, they really help frame, set, and elevate your center stone—completing it, without competing with it. A double-halo, then, gives you those benefits two times over. Really, when it comes to seeing double diamonds, what’s not to love?


East to West (Pinterest search is +111%)

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An east-to-west diamond setting is exactly what it sounds like: a diamond set horizontally along the band. Whether it’s an oval diamond or an emerald cut one, rather than setting the diamond vertically (or perpendicular) against the band as it typical, the diamond is set horizontally (or parallel to) the band for a super modern, unexpected look. Talk about flipping tradition on its head!

Why we love it, too: We’re all about the major personalization that’s going on in the world of weddings right now—from brides rocking hats in place of veils to colorful taco trucks taking the place of stuffy reception food. In our eyes, then, the east-west diamond is just another brilliant way to break with tradition. It manages to feel endlessly modern and completely unique—without feeling too trendy or like a novelty design that will be outdated in a matter of months. We’re all about the all-new east-west engagement ring trend and have a major feeling it’s here for the long haul.

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