Unique Diamond Shapes: Put a (Rare) Ring on It

From princess to pear, if you’re getting ready to put a ring on it, chances are you’ve heard of some of the most popular diamond cuts. (If not, start here with our simple breakdown of diamond shapes). But, if you’re hoping for an engagement ring that’s as unforgettable—and stunning—as your partner, you might find yourself on the hunt for unique diamond shapes. Today, then, we’re rounding up our favorite underrated diamond cuts. Read on to find out which rare ring speaks—and sparkles—your partner’s love language.

More Unique Than Princess

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Emerald: With its perfectly square shape and chameleon-like ability to look stunning in an array of settings, it’s no surprise that the princess cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes. But if your partner is looking for something a little less common, we love the idea of opting for an emerald cut engagement ring instead. In fact, rarity is what the emerald cut is all about—only three percent of diamonds in the world are emerald cut (say what?). Their slim, rectangular shape is perfect for elongating fingers, and their stepped facets mean the same carat weight will look larger—and more regal—when emerald cut than when princess cut. If your partner wants a diamond that turns serious heads and feels more vintage than modern, an emerald cut engagement ring is a perfect option.

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Asscher: No roundup of unique diamond shapes is complete without a mention of the stunning asscher cut. An asscher cut diamond has many of the same characteristics as an emerald—namely, those stepped facets that give the emerald and asscher cut their “mirrors in a hallway” kind-of appearance—but its shape is square as opposed to rectangular like with an emerald. If your partner loves the idea of a clean, square cut diamond, but wants something that feels more vintage and grand than a classic princess cut, the always-stunning asscher cut might just be your new best friend.

More Unique Than Round

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Oval: An oval-cut diamond has more surface area than a diamond in the same carat weight that’s round-cut, making it the perfect option for the partner who loves a little added drama and effortless elegance (there’s nothing more elegant than an oval engagement ring, after all). If you’re hoping to achieve that same unmistakable sparkle you get from a round cut, make sure you opt for an oval that’s cut in the “brilliant” style (a style consisting of numerous facets—typically 58—for added brilliance and head-turning shine).

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Marquise: From its 58 facets to its unmistakable—and super striking—elliptical shape, we happen to think the marquise is the ultimate hidden-gem of unique diamond shapes. With distinct pointed ends and a history that dates back to the 1700s when King Louis XV of France had a jeweler craft a diamond ring to resemble the shape of his mistress’ lips, the marquise cut serves up some serious drama (and we’re eating it right up). If your partner’s style leans toward the storied and stunning (read: she’s a sucker for all-things vintage), a marquise engagement ring might just be her dream ring. Pro Tip: Make sure you choose a setting that will keep your marquis diamond safe—its sharp pointed tips can chip easily if not well protected in the right setting (v-tip prongs tend to be the most secure).

A Unique Play on Traditional Cuts

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Astor: If you don’t mind the idea of a traditional shaped diamond, but want the brilliance level (read: sparkle) to blow tradition out of the water, Blue Nile’s Astor diamonds are for you. With only 1 in 1,000 diamonds making the cut (pun totally intended), calling Blue Nile’s astor diamonds rare is a serious understatement. Each one-of-a-kind astor diamond is cut for optimal brilliance, which makes for a distinctly noticeable difference (check out a side-by-side comparison here). If you’re looking for a diamond that says I went the extra mile, start shopping Blue Nile’s astor cut diamonds today. Pro tip: after you select your diamond, you can use their build-your-engagement-ring tool to personalize the perfect ring for your partner. (We’ll say yes to that!)

That’s it for our roundup of unique diamond shapes. But, remember, there’s more to putting a ring on it than the ring—learn how to plan the perfect proposal here. (Psst..know you want to pop but the question but at a loss for creative ideas? Our proposal idea tool has you covered.)

Featured image via Yana & Ruslan’s Proposal on How They Asked.

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