Brittany and Bradley's Underwater Marriage Proposal


How We Met

We were college sweethearts! One of my sorority sisters went to high school with Bradley. so we would always hang out with him and his friends. We were mutual friends for a while! One Christmas Break I went home with my friend, Dakota, and she decided she wanted to set me up with one of their other friends (who went to college at another school but would also be in town for the break). So Dakota, doing what she does best- being matchmaker, invited Bradley and the other guy friend over to watch movies. She sneakily arranged it to where I would be sharing a couch with the one she was trying to set me up with while Bradley got a random chair and so did she. Well halfway through the movie, as we had gotten up some to get drinks etc, somehow BRADLEY ended up on the couch with me. Me and Dakota just laughed because we thought it was a joke. He was known for being the funny one. After the boys left, Dakota and I jokingly wondered why Bradley sabotaged our “set up.”


The next day, we went to help Bradley pick out Christmas presents for his family since most boys are clueless about that stuff. Halfway through the day Dakota said, “Brit… this is so odd, but I feel like the third wheel! What is going on here?!” I definitely didn’t believe her. Fast forward to January and we’re all back at school. Bradley asked me to a fraternity function.. not a surprise since we were all in the same friend group. And a couple weeks later he asked me out on a real date! And the rest is history!


how they asked

Me and one of my good friends decided to surprise our significant others with scuba diving lessons/certification for Christmas. We thought it would be a fun activity to do together. Once we all fell in love with the diving classes we all decided that we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to Mexico with the dive shop to get Open Water Certified that July. Meanwhile, without my knowledge, Bradley decided that would make a perfect opportunity to propose.


We got to Mexico on a Sunday and had to do a little bit of training just off the shore of the resort. Then that Monday we actually got to go out on a boat and do a full dive! Before we actually got out there, Bradley had written “will you marry me” on the tablet we use under water to communicate and hid it so I couldn’t see it. We also had one of our friends strap a GoPro to his mask (planned out to make sure he could video the proposal but I didn’t think anything of it since most people video their dives every time). Once we got down in the water we did our dive and as we did our safety stop (that is where you slowly go up to about 15 feet deep during the final ascent and stop there for a couple of minutes before fully surfacing so you don’t get sick) I noticed we were there for a bit longer so I was really confused. Bradley had to actually grab me to get my attention, hah!


So that’s when he showed me the writing slate and had a ring in his hand! Being underwater, I couldn’t say yes of course so I just shook my head in shock. Once we surfaced, the first thing Bradley says is, “This isn’t the real ring! this isn’t the real ring! Haha I guess he was paranoid I would judge the fake one he purchased from WalMart. What was really funny about that is, he thought he bought just a random cheap ring, but turns out it was a TOE RING. Once we got up on the boat he got down on one knee and popped the question with the real rock. So not only did we complete our Open Water Dive Certification together, we surfaced engaged! Definitely the best vacation ever.


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