Unbelievably Beautiful Proposal at Lake Louise

beautiful marriage proposal_997_lakelouise_proposal033_low

It all started in high school; I played football and she played rugby. We met in gym class and we were both very competitive. Our friendship grew and many afternoons were spent throwing around a football. On our first date we watched “Smokey and the Bandit.” From then on, we were inseparable.

Five years later, Shelby and I were planning a trip to Banff to get away and to relax; what she didn’t know was I was secretly planning how I was going to propose. I wanted a secret photographer to capture the moment to share with our families, and to be able to treasure the moment forever. I had never done this before so how do you find a photographer at a place you have never been to; so I went to Google and started making phone calls when Ginevre answered my call. I told her I would like to propose on a canoe in the middle of Lake Louise and to my surprise Ginevre was excited about doing the photo shoot. Next, I had contacted the Lake Louise boat house to see if this could be arranged; they were pretty excited about helping me with the surprise. I sent them photos of us so they knew what we looked like to make it all run smoothly. The day before we left, I borrowed a canoe, snuck out to the creek and practised because I was terrified that my new fiancé and I would be swimming in Lake Louise.

So it is the day of the engagement and I am terrified; what kind of an idiot decides to try and pull this off in a canoe, all I could envision was me opening this box and it going “Bloop” into the water; however the weather was absolutely perfect. We get to Lake Louise and we are standing waiting for the boat house to open. Shelby is excited because as she would put it, “this is the coolest lake ever and we get to go canoeing on it!” I’m standing there panicking and can hardly breathe. I look over and this lady is looking back at me with a smile, and so I smiled back; I knew that had to be my photographer. This helped me relax a little and look around to find that the boat house workers were all peeking over the gate with big smiles on their faces. This almost made me laugh because there’s Shelby looking like a little kid in a chocolate factory in awe of the mountains; having no clue what was going on.

We were about to get in our canoes now and the lady ahead of us is our photographer and Shelby turns to me and says, “awe that’s so sad; that lady has to canoe all by herself.” I couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Yeah that’s too bad.” If I would have let her; Shelby would have invited her to come in our canoe, thankfully Ginevre paddled off quickly.

Here we are in the canoe and Shelby is paddling like crazy, and I got only two things on my mind; get to the middle and let’s do this. So I steer us towards centre, gave the thumbs up to our photographer, to which she gave thumbs up back. I told Shelby that I had written her a poem for our special weekend. She turned around as I sat on the yoke of the canoe and pulled out the poem; which I am not even to sure that I read properly because I was shaking so badly. Then I got down on one knee, pulled the ring box from my jacket pocket and I asked her “would you marry me?” I go to place the ring on her finger and I have the jaws of life on this thing; there was no way I was going to bobble it. Which, if you asked her, she would tell you I probably crushed it on her finger because I was shaking so bad.

I got my kiss I was hoping for and it was all captured by Ginevre. We paddled for a little bit; let me rephrase that, I paddled the canoe for a little bit while Shelby sat there and stared at her ring. We parked the canoes to be greeted with congratulations by a group of excited workers at the boat house. It truly was a perfect and unforgettable day.

Here’s the thumbs up for our photographer:

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beautiful marriage proposal_989_lakelouise_proposal025_low beautiful marriage proposal_988_lakelouise_proposal024_low Beisel_Senicar_Photography_by_Ginevre_312000_lakelouise_proposal036_low

Photos by Ginevre