Unakem and Mukaila

How We Met: There’s one simple fact that everyone should know. That is that I attend many weddings lol! I don’t fancy the term “wedding crasher” because I don’t believe the shoe fits. I’m always invited by someone who was invited by the couple! One of these occurrences in particular happened to be my lucky night!


My aunt invited me to attend this one in particular because a girl from the mosque was getting married. So, I told her I’d go. This was way back in October 2012. On the day of that wedding I really was not in the mood to get dressed up and be social at all. I planned on enjoying the night at home relaxing.

While messaging my friends I soon realized some of my girlfriends were going and they told me I should just come out. So I did. Being lazy lol, I ended up wearing some dress pants, a regular black tee, a blazer, and some cute accessories. I NEVER wear pants to a wedding! I went to the wedding, enjoyed the atmosphere and company, and went home.


The end…..until the next day when I received a new Facebook friend request. It was Mukaila. He saw and inquired about me at the wedding but he never approached me….and hence, I never saw him. Somehow he found out who I was and sent the request. We exchanged a few messages and that was it.

Fast forward exactly a year later (October 2013) and I get a message from Mukaila just asking how I’d been and from there the conversations were ENDLESS!! We finally got a chance to go on our first date in November when he flew into town for the holidays. Everything grooved really well between us, I was surprised lol. We’ve created so many memories and adventures together and I am excited to where God takes us!

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