Ulises and Casper

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How we met

I saw his profile and decided to message him (Casper) with a cheesy line, that I wasn’t sure would work. I said, “So,What’s your story?” He loved that line so much he immediately responded with a witty comment and I laughed my head off. We continued messaging back-and-forth and then eventually set up a date to meet up at local coffee shop. This first date was very awkward because we were both very nervous. He was very shy and kept looking down while I kept trying to make eye contact. We ordered some coffee and sat outside and began talkIng. He seem to be more comfortable and began talking, even though he was talking, I could tell he was still nervous.We shared common things such as, where grew up, our interests, a little bit about our family, etc. Then we talked about bands. I told him I love going to local shows because my friend was a promoter and I would do that a lot while I was in Orange County. I still remember he promised he would take me to go see some local bands. I’m still waiting…

From that first day I knew he was the man of my life I came home and shared the news with my roommates and they could tell I was very excited about this Casper . We went on a few more dates which were non-typical in by any means. Our second date we went to ghost hunting. Who take someone on a date to go ghost hunting? Casper does. Our third date was my choice being the sap that I am I chose to go watch the re-release of Beauty and the Beast. He didn’t say no, but when we got to the theater he refused to buy tickets, he was so embarrassed. The whole time we were there I kept looking at him and wanting to get close to him he didn’t seem to mind. Eventually at one point in the movie we began to hold hands. My heart was filled with a multitude of emotions. I knew what I felt, but I wasn’t sure what he felt, even though he was holding my hand. Then there were outdoor dates where we would go hiking and talk about our dreams and hopes and experiences with life. Every time I would set up a time to meet with him my heart was skipping a beat because he made me smile and laugh. But this was not the only thing that drew me to this amazing man. One day I came home with a broken pencil sharpener and I asked if he could look at it. He open that thing up within five minutes and made it work my heart could not contain itself. I knew that he was my robot in shining armor . That was the moment I was unequivocally certain he was the one.

how they asked

I had just started my Master’s program at SDSU and he was adamant that we take a trip up to Seattle. I was excited, but nervous, because of my program. I had a lot of homework that I needed to complete and wasn’t to thrilled to be going up North because of my school, but I went up anyway. We strolled around the city for a one day. Then he took me on a one day trip to BainBridge Island. I was very excited because I had never taken a ferry to the island. We were at a beautiful park sitting on a bench with an amazing view of Seattle when Casper popped the question.

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