Ugly Dolls Proposal

My boyfriend Jeremy is the most thoughtful guy a girl could ask for. He gives nothing but 110% to everything he does in life, and proposing was no exception.

Using two little stuffed animals called “Ugly Dolls,” he did a photo series around the city of Toronto documenting how we first met (at our, fell in love and bought our first home together. It even foreshadowed the little puppy we’ll be getting in September!

To actually do the proposing, Jeremy did it in the most romantic of locations – in Monaco at the Vista Palace restaurant. For those who don’t know, this hotel is perched atop a giant cliff, overlooking the pristine and luxurious city of Monaco and the ocean surrounding it.

He pulled out the ring (worn by a little stuffed pup) and popped the question. And, of course, I said yes!

The best part is, we got it all on film because I needed footage to edit for a video class I was taking. Couldn’t have worked out better.

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Image 2 of Ugly Dolls Proposal

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