Uana and Patrick's Proposal in the Philippines

How We Met: Patrick and I met back in 2009 as coworkers (in the Philippines). We eventually became friends outside work and we really hit it off as friends! I was moving to Canada the very next year which meant leaving my home for the past 21 years. So just like with all the other relationships I have with my friends in family in the Philippines, I knew my friendship with Patrick would be tested by this 8,000-mile-gap . After I migrated, we remained (just) friends with constant communication. This friendship felt so natural and effortless albeit the distance that we caught ourselves talking everyday, exchanging emails, returning phone calls, sending packages, planning trips and so later on realized our love for each other. We saw each other twice a year for the past 4 years and we’ve travelled to 28 cities all around the world for the only 27 weeks we’ve spent (physically) together. While apart– my good mornings were his good nights, our date nights meant Skype sessions and we developed a CRAZY love/hate relationship with technology. It’s a tough kind of relationship to be in but if you’re in it fully, you know in your heart it is worth fighting for every-damn-day.Image 4 of Uana and Patrick's Proposal in the Philippines
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how they asked: It was my turn to visit Patrick this time around so I planned a trip to my home country, Philippines. It’s only the 8th time we we’re meeting each other out of the 48 months that we’ve been together. On the last week of my vacation, we had planned a short visit to Patrick’s beautiful hometown. We went there with his family and it was my first time there. On our last day of the 3 days I was there, his family decided to take me to an isolated beach. This is an unpopulated area with white sand and clear blue waters with the perfect view of the sunrise by the mountain ranges. Little did I know that it was the morning that he was going to propose. We were walking towards the beachfront and I saw this beautiful set up from afar– white drapes by the arc blown by the wind and the long linen cloth. As we got closer and closer, my heart stopped upon seeing our photos + rose petals spread over the linen cloth. In a second, I heard a live rendition of Eric Benet’s “The Last Time” and I was told to walk down the “aisle”. I was crying all through out as I cannot believe what is happening to me. Then I saw Patrick emerge from behind the coconut tree by the arc, he said his beautiful speech and he blurted out the question, “Will you marry me?” Of course I said YES. It is time to cut this distance short.

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