Tyson and Kelsy

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How We Met

Tyson and I met at Altamont High School, a small town in Eastern Utah. I moved to Altamont my senior year, which was his Sophomore year. We started dating somewhere around the last month of the school year. At the senior awards ceremony, I was voted “Cougar of the Year”. I didn’t think it was funny at the time, but here we are three years later and I plan on framing the award to display at our wedding.

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how they asked

One weekend Tyson and I traveled home from Weber State University in Northern Utah to visit his family in Eastern Utah. It had been a busy semester and we hadn’t had any time to go visit, with the stressful semester coming to a close we decided to make a quick trip out. I knew he was planning on proposing soon, but his mom had just had surgery and there would be a lot going on that weekend so I thought to myself “Nah don’t get your hopes up”. Well little did I know, he knew that was exactly what I would be thinking, and so did the rest of his family. We had a fun party with his grandparents and all of his cousins which was what we had been needing. After the party, we convinced his sister and cousin to head up to one of our favorite lakes with us, Moon Lake, but we had to be quick because we wanted to go visit his mom in the hospital again before it got dark. I am a photographer and I love to take my camera everywhere, Tyson knows this of course, and knew I would ask for someone to take a picture of us.. Meanwhile, the whole time I’m telling myself there is no way he will do it now, besides, his pockets are empty.

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Then the craziest thing happened. Taylor, his sister, took a picture of us and, NOTHING. It was like in the back of my head, I was really hoping would do it, so at this point, I am thinking Kelsy it’s not happening calm down.. Taylor said “Hey will you make sure this looks picture looks okay?” and apparently this wasn’t in the plan because when I went to look at the photo Tyson had already bent down to get the ring out of his sock. He pulled it off perfect though, I thought he was fixing his shoe. When I turned around, he was standing there looking handsome as ever waiting to take another picture. I walked back and put my arm around him, that is when he did it! He turned fast and got down on one knee. Sweet and Simple he said Kelsy Ray Davis, will you marry me? At first, I was shocked, and then tears started running down my face. I think I said “Of course!” but honestly I was way up on cloud nine and can’t remember at all. He claimed he wasn’t nervous at all, but I could feel his pulse pounding when I put my hands on his neck to kiss him. Not nervous, my butt! But he did pull it off like a champ.

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We started heading to the hospital and I said, “Wait do your parents know?” A little panic went through me as I thought about walking into the HOSPITAL with the news to his family. He assured me that of course, they knew, THE ENTIRE FAMILY KNEW, even some of the little cousins, WHAT? I could not believe no one blew it! When we got to the hospital his mom and dad were excited and all of the nurses knew too apparently because they all said congratulations right when we walked in. It was a day I will never forget. We have been dating a little over three years now and we are so excited for this new journey together. Thanks for reading our story.

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