Eva and Tyson

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How We Met

Tyson and I met 3 years ago at a nightclub! How romantic right? Regardless we were inseparable the day we met and quickly started dating afterwards. I knew within the first few weeks I loved him and we were going to get married. Early on in the relationship Tyson and I discussed getting engaged and married, but I said I wanted to wait until I was graduated before we did anything. I graduate next year and have totally changed my mind! However he told me I had to wait because he had this huge proposal planned and it was time sensitive, so after I graduate was still the plan.

how they asked

I kind of became impatient and would jokingly bug him about how I wanted to be engaged sooner, but he still assured me that it was going to happen next summer. Last week I told him my cousin was no longer coming to my yearly family reunion and the next day I caught him texting her. Super weird, and he was also being suspicious when texting his best friend. So I knew something was up and he was definitely planning the proposal. I bugged him about it saying I had all these theories and he just laughed it off but I knew it was coming sooner than he originally told me. Why would he be planning it so early? A few days after this his best friend Chris who he had been suspiciously texting before, took these cool photos using colored smoke bombs and I asked if I could be a part of his next shoot using them. Little did I know that the first shoot was a practice run for when he was going to ask me to do one with them. So Tyson’s plan was to get Chris to ask us to do a photo shoot using the smoke bombs, but instead I asked and totally set myself up for it!

That night we met up and walked to this tunnel in the freezing cold. I was wearing a tiny dress so I was so cold. As we walked to the tunnel with his two friends, Chris and Ethan, I noticed one of them holding balled up jackets (they were hiding champagne!). So that was kind of weird, but I still did not think anything was going on. I had no idea what was coming, not at one point did I think Tyson was proposing. So we get to the tunnel and we take a few practice shots. For the last two smoke bombs we had, Chris asked me to put on a song, but I was so cold I yelled ” I don’t care you pick! It’s your shoot” (Ethan had been video tapping the whole thing).

He kept persisting I pick a song so I had this song stuck in my head that was totally inappropriate so thankfully when they put it on someone with a dog ran by so the song ended and Tyson picked a new one (which happened to be one of our songs, but I will suspected nothing). Chris told us he wanted us to smoke out the background of the tunnel then move forward, set the smoke bombs on either side of the tunnel then face each other. As I was setting mine down and going to turn around, Tyson was on one knee!

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I was CONVINCED this was happening next year so I thought it was a cruel prank. I backed up, scared to get excited because I would of been so embarrassed if I got excited and it was a joke, but I took a second look at the ring and noticed it was real and the one we picked out! I was so cold and in so much shock I don’t even remember what he said! He did say something along the lines of “I want to be with you forever”. After a minute of me yelling “is this for real?” and “no way!” I realized this was for real and I looked at him and the ring and said “well yeah!”.

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It took me so long to say yes his friends thought I was going to say no! I definitely forgot I was cold and was just over whelmed with happiness I didn’t know what to do. His friend popped out the champagne and we did a mini celebration. So happy they got pictures and a video. To me it was the perfect proposal and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will never forget how surprised I was and that feeling. Yay for being engaged! Oh and I forgot, the reason why he was texting my cousin was because he needed to know for sure if she was coming to the reunion this year. He wanted her to help him set it up and take pictures. When she said she wasn’t he decided he didn’t want to wait anymore! So happy he didn’t. Made for an even better proposal!

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