Tyshia and Mike

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rooftop- Cannon Room. Raleigh, NC

How We Met

Mike and I met in college at UNCW almost a decade ago. We were best friends for over 8 years. True friends supporting each other’s relationships and ups and downs through the years until Valentine’s Day 2017 when everything changed. Historically, if either of us were single on valentine’s day we would get together, get drinks at a bar or something fun. On Valentine’s Day 2017 both of us happened to be single so we planned to hang out that day. Mike had another plan. He reserved a romantic dinner at a 4 diamond award winning restaurant that evening. It was such a wonderful time and at the end of the night, he shared he was looking for more than just a friendship. Taken completely off guard it took me almost a whole year to finally tell him I felt the same way. I knew if we started dating he would be the last boyfriend I ever had so I wanted to be completely ready. One day I surprised him at work, I brought him coffee with a note “Be Mine” and we never looked back.

Proposal Ideas Rooftop- Cannon Room. Raleigh, NC

how they asked

I am in the wedding industry so when I received a call from a fellow event director I didn’t think much of it. She asked if I would help with a styled shoot at her venue for a new campaign. Excited to help out I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with women in the industry. She told me a few vendors would be meeting after hours at the venue to brainstorm a week later. That week I brought Mike to the airport as he had a “work trip” to Denver.

Friday night I met Christie and Sarah at the Cannon Room in downtown Raleigh to talk about the upcoming shoot. Christie was setting up for a wedding the next day so there were tables and chairs and wedding decor all around. We took a tour of the space looking at the back balcony, main ballroom etc. Christie came up with an idea to possibly using the rooftop, it has never been used before so maybe a nice intimate space. As we walked up the stairs to gain rooftop access, Christie opens the door and steps back. I see market lights and pillar candles and white hydrangeas everywhere. I was completely immobile. They both leave me out on the roof by myself and I see a note with my name on it.

It says to read the book and don’t turn around. I am completely shaking with adrenaline at this point and open the book for a trip down memory lane filled with photos when we first met leading up to today. Down the aisle, there are tables on each side with mementos like the cork from our first date, the coffee cup I gave to him that said “Be Mine”.

As I finish our memory book the last page tells me to turn around and Mike is there in a suit and tie and starts his speech by telling me he loves me. I immediately start crying and see him get down on one knee, pulls out the ring and asks me to marry him. I said of course. I walk through all of the personalized touches and take a couple of selfies for good measure and he then reveals the next surprise. He booked a whole weekend “stay-cation” at the Umstead Hotel and Spa and couples massages for us. It was a perfect night and weekend.

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