Tyshia and Kendall

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How We Met

Kendall and I were both born and raised in North Carolina went to college in NC and had mutual friends. Ironically, our paths never crossed until hundreds of miles away from home when we met in Atlanta, GA in 2013. We met through a mutual friend who was a colleague of mine who also turned out to be his fraternity brother and roommate. After we met, I didn’t give him the time of day because I was in the midst of my studies in graduate school and most importantly, I came to learn he was a Duke fan. I graduated from UNC and the thought of me dating someone who liked Duke went out my mind quicker than their run in the NCAA Tournament this year (sorry babe!). Fast forward the next year, Kendall impressed me when he put aside studying for the GMAT (which was two days away) to come out and celebrate my birthday at a Braves game. I decided to give the man who wore the wrong shade of blue a chance. Although being a Duke fan wasn’t one of his better ideas, dating me was!

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how they asked

In September 2016, I graduated chiropractic school and during my 4 years, my national board exams ALWAYS fell on special occasions for Kendall. Every birthday (March 20) I missed due to exams as well as his MBA graduation. So this year, his 27th birthday, I was on a mission to spend his birthday with him without the thought of having to pass a board exam. I had already started planning for us to take a weekend visit to Boston to explore since neither of us has ever been. I ran that idea by my mom and she asked me “why Boston?” My answer: “WHY NOT?” Later that week Kendall told me that he and his friends were going to New York for his birthday weekend and he STRONGLY suggested that I go to Atlanta to visit my friends. I just took it as I was being kicked out of the house while he had a boys weekend.

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After finally buying my plane ticket, I started to get excited as I would finally be in warmer weather (I live in CT). His birthday weekend approaches quickly and I fly out on a Thursday afternoon after work. His friends were planning to fly in that same day from ATL (or so I thought). My friends had already planned a girls weekend of our own that included a manis and pedis, brunch, happy hour and overall fun! Backtrack: I usually wear my hair curly and Kendall asked me to get my hair straightened as birthday present to him because he had an upcoming gala (the following week) for work. I had not yet found a hairdresser in Connecticut to do my hair, so hair appointment was on the to do list in Atlanta as well! On Saturday, I met up with more friends and we went to get manicures, pedicures and brunch. I usually do not get my nails done as it just a hassle in my mind.

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My friend Chris persuaded me to get them done and even chose a nail color for me. Sounds normal enough right? Well again, Kendall is in NY sending me pictures of him and his friends partying so nothing out of the ordinary happening with that. That evening is the night we’re supposed to go out. I wear a dress that I packed casually and my friends tell me that it looks great! OK, red dress it is! Ciara (the friend I was staying with) and I are really close friends. During my graduation, her cousin offered to do my makeup but I ended up going to another MUA. So this weekend she just happened to be in Atlanta and it was her redemption time. She did all our makeup before we left to go out and it was at this moment where I started to feel anxious. NO clue why! But I always have good intuition and I ask them was everything okay?

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Was there something I was missing? Of course I had no idea they were freaking out on the inside for what was about to come. The “happy hour” we had planned was to start at 7pm, however another classmate of mine came to visit since we both happened to be in town that weekend. We caught up on life, future plans, and how life was after graduate school. That conversation set us back from the “happy hour” about 30 minutes, but who gets to happy hour on time? During the car ride Ciara was so frazzled and was freaking out about directions to a location she had been to many times before. In addition, during the car ride I texted my line sister Kaylan asking what she was doing and future plans. She tells me that she was getting dressed and then headed to get food. Our plan was to hang out that night after the happy hour.

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After dealing with Atlanta traffic, we finally arrive to the happy hour and met my other friends (Jessica and Britni). I remember Ciara saying we can go outside since its nice out! “OKAY”, I happily agree. As I walk outside, Kaylan is the first person that I see. I said out loud, “That looks like Kaylan!” I’m thinking she just told me she was at home getting dressed. I stop dead in my tracks as I walk further up and see another familiar face. Someone pushes me from behind and I go through a phase of confusion, surprise, awe and then the waterworks when I put it together as to what is about to happen. As I am walking through a soul train line of familiar faces, they start throwing roses at my feet. I look around and I see my family, friends, but no Kendall. I hear someone tell me to turn around and there he is! Before he can even utter a word, I say: I thought you were in NY??! Everyone laughs and then my Uncle Tim in the background says. “THIS IS NY!” Guess what Kendall asked me for his birthday present? You guessed it. My hand in marriage! :-)

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