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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lisbon, Portugal

How We Met

While on a trip to Vancouver Island to visit a friend for Halloween, I decided to reach out to a secret crush I had discovered from over-perusing a friend’s social media account. To my relief, she agreed to meet me for a cocktail. After casually discovering our common ground for humor, pistachio gelato, and 90’s pop music, we found ourselves singing a duet version of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise at a local karaoke bar. In a laughing fit, I awkwardly kissed Kate’s forearm, and it ended up being as weird as it sounds. She drove me back to my friend’s house and we were happy to have started a new friendship. But just like every guy who tries to be friends with a hot girl, this was NOT my final objective. Because we lived in two different cities, we got to know each other over the next few months via text and Skype only. Our first real date was in Vancouver during the Christmas holidays where our attraction was solidified. I waited for Kate to make the first move this time, she did. That was four years ago. We have since traveled, bought a house, and a rather small Corgi named Homer.

how they asked

Our European trip started as a Christmas morning surprise for Kate. The following two months we planned our travel itinerary details. Ty, however, was behind the scenes meticulously coordinating an experience for Kate. When he found “The Ring”, all signs were pointing to too many challenges in traveling with it without her discovering- like customs, lost luggage, Ty’s general paranoia. Cue Ty’s best friend Blair.

Blair wholeheartedly agreed to fly 60 hours collectively, just to help Ty stage his performance and present the ring to Kate in Lisbon. Anyone smart would have proposed as soon as their plane landed and celebrated the engagement the rest of the trip, but Ty wanted the majority of the trip to be about the two of them, not the ring or their future.

After visiting London, Paris, Barcelona, and a few cancelled flights and missed trains, Ty and Kate arrived in Lisbon, and secretly so did Blair. Ty’s love for photography was an easy segue into getting to the location where the hired photographer was waiting, pretending to be a tourist.

We walked up the steps, Ty made a few wide-eyed contact signals to Blair who was hiding behind a ledge with the ring he had traveled across the world with. Once the secret exchange was made while Kate wasn’t looking, Ty dropped down to one knee and the waterworks began.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lisbon, Portugal

The moment was 10 seconds or 10 hours, we still can’t tell. The important part is, she said YES! If that wasn’t enough to well up about, Ty now pointed for Kate to look around the ledge where she saw Blair waiting with a Cheshire grin.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a local man playing lovely music on a drum, and a sweet elderly lady publicly announced her blessing, wished us a happy future together, and welcomed us into the hearts of Lisbon– neither of which were part of the plan but added to the magic.

When you have a vision, and it has a lot of moving pieces, you mustn’t be afraid to pursue it and just roll with the stuff that doesn’t go according to plan. However it unfolds, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

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