Tyra and Chot

I had plans to take bridal portraits for a college friend in Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday morning so my boyfriend (now fiancé) Chot, decided that he would tag along to give me company since he was off of work. We decided we would make a small trip out of it so we drove down to Charleston on Saturday afternoon around 2pm with our little Cocker Spaniel Bella Mae. We had made reservations at a dog friendly restaurant in Downtown Charleston called Poogan’s Porch for 6pm. Apparently everyone was on the highway this Saturday afternoon so what would’ve taken us a little over 2.5 hours ended up taking us about 3.5 hours- so we had to cancel our 6pm reservations. I suggested that he and I just make reservations at a non- dog friendly restaurant and leave Bella at the hotel if we absolutely had to- but he insisted that we find a nice restaurant to accommodate the three of us. After a few moments of searching we found that Poogan’s happen to have an opening for 645 through Open Table so we called them and reclaimed a spot for our original (favorite) Charleston restaurant. He and I got ready in the hotel and Chot made sure that Bella had her little dog book bag. (We just recently bought her a doggie book bag that she can carry on her back that has little pockets on for toys, food, etc.) We left the hotel around 715 although the restaurant was only about 10 minutes away. I thought that was kind of odd because Chot isn’t one to show up early any where. I’ll admit- I kind of had an idea of what was going on at this point in time but I didn’t want to ruin a surprise. Chot ended up driving to The Battery prior to dinner with the excuse “Maybe we should take Bella to the bathroom here before we go eat.” I went along with it as we walked Bella under the Spanish Moss covered trees. We walked around for a few minutes and then I realized that it was nearing 730- we had to leave soon if we wanted to eat and not miss out on reservations a second time. So Chot said “Okay, let’s just walk close to the water for a minute.” We walked alongside the sidewalk at The Battery close to the water’s edge for a few moments before he put his arm around me and said, “I love you, you know I want to marry you right.” With tears in my eyes and to keep from being super emotional I started laughing and said “Yes” because I knew exactly what was going on now. He bent down to little Bella and said, “Me and Bella have a question to ask you.” He reached into her little book bag and pulled out a shiny off-white box and opened it to reveal the most beautiful and sparkly ring I’ve ever seen. Literally my dream ring..and said, “Will you marry me?” Through the laughs and tears of joy I said, “Yes!” Afterward we obviously had to have someone take our picture. I asked a couple who ironically enough-their two friends just got engaged moments before we had as well. The girl was on the phone calling her closest family and friends announcing their exciting news too. We got our pictures and raced off to enjoy dinner at Poogan’s Porch- the three of us. At Poogan’s I called and texted my closest friends and family and we received champagne and had a toast-courtesy of the restaurant. It was a perfect night. I got engaged to my best friend in my favorite city, with my sweet little Bel and I couldn’t be happier!

Image 1 of Tyra and Chot