Tynisha and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon & I met on the campus of Delaware State University, in our English Composition I course, during our Freshmen year in college in 2009. Brandon used to get the better grades than me in our English class (only by a few points) but I never understood why. We never worked together on projects, but being classmates gave us familiarity with one another. Our Junior year at DSU in 2011, Brandon would have lunch by himself or with my line sister and one day I was invited to the cool kid’s table to sit with him.

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I laughed non-stop and from that day on, established with myself that “he was the one”, I looked forward to having lunch with Brandon, however, we were still just friends. As we entered our senior year of college, I noticed that Brandon was no longer in a relationship & decided to make my move by informing him of the crush I had on him for a while….the rest is history. (Photo date above: September 26, 2012)

How They Asked

Brandon & I love to travel; it is one of our favorite past times. Each December, he picks a spot on the map, no matter where it is, and off we are, as a way to recap our year and prepare for the new year to come. This vacation felt just like any vacation we have taken until we arrived at our destination…CABO! From the moment we arrived at the airport, Brandon seemed to be up to something but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. We arrived at the resort and he kept having one-off conversations with those who worked there. Brandon had told me previously that he always wanted to do a candle-lit dinner on the beach and the first night of the vacay, we did just that.

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We arrived at dinner, greeted by “Lemon Drops” as a started to the epic night ahead. We partook in a 5-course meal, including desert, washed down by the best white wine that Cabo has to offer. Upon finishing our meal, our waiter asked if we had any questions or comments on the service that we had received that evening. I had no questions, but Brandon had just one more. He stood up, took two steps to the left, got on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I cried HYSTERICALLY and my response was YES!!! I wouldn’t have wanted to be asked by any man on this planet, to bear their last name, other than Mr. Brandon Allen!