Tyler + Brenna; Adorable Marriage Proposal


As told by the groom: My girlfriend Brenna was flying out for the weekend to visit me here in New Mexico.  The back story is that over the course of planning the trip the last month, I had told Brenna that I needed her to help my best friend Anders and I with a surprise for Anders’ fiancé for their upcoming wedding. The alleged surprise was that Anders had created a huge banner of some sort to display for his fiancé Jen at their wedding, and he needed me to help him transport the banner to their wedding venue. Brenna’s role in this undercover operation was to “run interference” on Jen while Anders and I slipped away to go “take care of something”.

So, I had always wanted to propose at the camp where Brenna and I had originally met three years prior, but the camp was close to Santa Fe, an hour away from where I lived in Albuquerque, and I had no way of getting her up there without her figuring out what I was planning. However, a couple weeks before Brenna came, she actually suggested that we take a trip up to the camp. I knew that was definitely my opportunity to propose!

I told Brenna that a couple of my friends all wanted to go up to Santa Fe with us to shop around and see the camp. I also told her that they were all in on the surprise for Jen and that they were there to help distract her while Anders and I snuck off. One of the friends coming was the brilliantly talented photographer Jasmine Nicole Pulley. I told Brenna that Anders had mentioned to me that he also needed Jasmine for her photography skills, but I pretended that was all the information I was given.

In actuality there was no banner. Anders, Jasmine, and I were really sneaking off to head up to the camp to get set up for my proposal, where Jasmine was going to document the proposal and do a impromptu to engagement session. Once we were ready I was going to call Brenna and the rest of the gang and tell them to just meet us up there because we were all ready on that side of the town.

The plan was that we were all going to go to “old town” in Santa Fe and do some shopping and then go to the camp, followed up by coming back for dinner at a restaurant.

When it came down for us to slip away, things got a little awkward in the creating of the diversion while shopping, but Anders and Jasmine and I got away and made it to camp eventually. What I had planned for Brenna when she arrived something really important to our relationship. I was going to propose in the exact spot I was standing when God told me I was going to marry her three years ago, before we had ever even talked to each other.


She arrived and I was standing in the spot down by the lake with a pop up picture book I had made that told our story. She walked over to me and I asked her if I could read her a story. I told our story and the second to last page told about how the spot we were stand was the spot the Lord told me I was going to marry her, and how also it was now the same spot I asked her to marry me. Then the last page I had hallowed out a place for the ring and then I got down on my knee and from there it is a blur, but I know I said some stuff and she said yes, that’s all that matters.



Cute Groom












She said Yes

Photos by Jasmine Nicole Photography