Tyler and Zach

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How We Met

Zach and I met on Bumble in January of 2016! Dating apps really do work!! I had only been on the app for 3 days before we matched. I had recently gotten out of a relationship with someone who lived 45 minutes away from me (LA’s version of long distance), and so I set my Bumble to only match people within 5 miles from my house. Luckily, Zach was at work, which was closer to my apartment, when he swiped right! I don’t remember exactly what his profile said, but I could tell he was super puny. He also mentioned that ‘it wouldn’t hurt if you’re jewish.’ On Bumble, the girl has to make the first contact after the two people connect. Opening lines are always so awkward and I never knew what to say but to Zach I responded to his last bit on his profile with “Will a half a Jew do?”.

We ended up talking for a few days on the app before exchanging phone numbers and setting up a date to get drinks and tapas at the cutest Spanish tapas restaurant in Santa Monica. We had a great night full of lots of laughter and sangria… I think we were there for over 3 hours!

Flash forward 2 months later, Zach and I had been spending about 3-4 days/week together and he asked me to be his girlfriend. For some reason, I was not ready for the commitment but told him I wanted to continue to see him, and no one else. Lucky for me he handled that well and was persistent on getting me to be his girlfriend.

Finally in April, while at Stage Coach, we became boyfriend-girlfriend.

SIDE NOTE- I am actually a wedding photographer so my life is constantly filled with so many amazing couples, which has made me really picky!

how they asked

I want to start off by saying how totally caught off guard I was! Zach and I had discussed a future, but he made it very apparent that whenever he proposed, he wanted it to be a TOTAL surprise, and oh boy it was! He told me he would never propose on vacation, (because it’s too expected), he didn’t want to talk to me about what kind of ring I wanted (that he’d do his “research” gaah), and basically told me there’s no way it would happen before 2018 because we both we just so busy with work!

Well, come August 26th, 2018, he had a business trip that took him to New York. I went to college there and wanted to tag a long to visit my best friend. On our last day of the trip, I suggested we take a walk around Brooklyn (where his sister lives). Slightly hungover from the night before, we walked around a DUMBO park for 45 minutes. Zach tried to take a photo of me and I told him I felt kinda gross and didn’t want any pictures that day. (He later told me he thought to himself, oh sh*t). He finally convinced me that we needed a photo of the two of us. We were standing on a rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Bridge and I found a good spot and asked a stranger to take a photo of us. As I turned back toward Zach, he was getting on one knee holding up a ring. I was totally confused and kept asking if it was a joke. The stranger, who was also totally blind sighted by the proposal, was amazing and captured photos and an amazing video of the proposal!

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Being a wedding photographer myself, Zach knew that if he had planned anything extravagant, that I would be on to him in a second. I photograph lots of proposals myself so I’m very in tune to what goes on. We went to a romantic dinner and spent the night celebrating with my best friend, his best friend, and his sister and the night couldn’t have been any more perfect. Oh yeah, and then the next morning we flew to Kentucky where my parents and sister were visiting all of my extended family, to celebrate with them!

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