Tyler and Taylor

how we met

Taylor and I first met while attending University of Mobile, located in Mobile, Alabama. He was from a small town about 3 hours away, while I was born and raised in Mobile. Being a local I made it my goal to show him some of the tourist-y spots around my home town, so we went sightseeing around Downtown Mobile for one of our first dates. I took him to one of Mobile’s most iconic spots, the battleship, or the USS Alabama locate. The battleship is located Mobile Bay, home of tons of different species of plants and animals (nature lovers would love it), so while we were visiting the battleship we stumbled across a bird sanctuary nestled in the woods, with a beautiful dock an pavilion that looked like it had never been touched, so we ventured to the dock, where we turned on Pandora and had our first dance. As we were leaving he looked at me and said “we should come back one day dressed like tourists and pretend to be tourists in our city for a day.”

how they asked

I never thought about that comment again util about a year later when Taylor said, “hey Ty, you know that tourist date I wanted to do, we should do that this weekend!”

So we did it! We bought Hawaiian shirts from Goodwill, disposable cameras from Walmart, matching fanny packs from a yard sale, and topped it off with rainbow umbrella hats Taylor somehow managed to find on Amazon. We walked around downtown Mobile with Hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts, socks, Birkenstocks, fanny packs, and umbrella hats—Taylor even wore his GoPro strapped to his chest all day. Needless to say I was EMBARRASSED and could not stop laughing the whole morning! Taylor asked everyone he saw to take a picture of us, and their reactions were priceless when he whipped out a disposable camera, he even made up an elaborate story about how we were world travelers—only one person bought it—the rest looked at us like we were stupid (for obvious reasons). After brunch, walking around downtown, an getting ice cream we made our way over to the battleship—still dressed like tourist and still gettin the crazy looks. We saw everything we wanted to see, and Tay looked at me and asked if I wanted to go to the bird sanctuary, so of course we began to walk that way.

As we walk on the dock, I notice something strange. Flowers were lining the dock, with a small table sitting close by, an as we got closer I recognized a board that I pin all the flowers taylor has picked/bought me in our time dating. So at that point I knew something was about to go down. A we approach i see our favorite poem sitting on the table lined with flowers. Taylor read me the poem, and began to cry. So, of course by this point I knew what was about to happen so I did to. He then got down on a knee and asked me to be his wife, with his mother’s engagement ring who died when he was seven. And man oh man, what an honor it is to wear her ring, how special that moment was!

Definitely not the engagement I dreamed of, wearing a pretty dress after a nice candle lit dinner. But it was far better (yes umbrella hat, fanny packs and all), and far more “us.” I love this man and cannot wait to be his wife—a guaranteed life full of love and laughter.

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography