Stephanie and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler’s brother, Ben, was my neighbor in college. I quickly became great friends with him and his girlfriend who I met on move in day. About a month into our first semester, Ben told me his brother was visiting and that I had to meet him. Tyler is in the Coast Guard and was living in Connecticut at the time, so I quickly passed him off since he was living out of state. When Tyler finally visited, we immediately hit it off and kept in touch for the year. He would frequently come visit all of us at school, and after a year passed, he finally asked me on a date. Well, it was the best date I was ever on and I instantly knew he was going to be my husband some day. After I graduated, I moved up to Connecticut with him, and we are now currently stationed back in our home state of New Jersey happier than ever!

how they asked

The week before the proposal, Tyler told me he was planning a date night for us. The day before our date, he told me that he wanted to meet up with some of our friends beforehand for drinks at Congress Hall in Cape May. We showed up at Congress Hall that day and as we were walking in, he stopped and told me that none of our friends were there. He dropped to one knee, told me how much he loved me and wanted me to be his wife. I was in awe! He even hired a photographer to catch the moment for us! Needless to say, it was the best date night ever!

Image 1 of Stephanie and Tyler

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