Tyler and Meghan

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How we met

Tyler and I met through mutual friends in a summer volley ball league. It was summer of 2012 and we were on different teams, but my friend Natalie was friends with Tyler and a lot of the people on the other team… Naturally both teams ended up hanging out before or after our games and I even subbed for Tyler’s team a few times. Unfortunately, I had a boyfriend at the time, but there was something that would always draw me to Tyler. I’d always find myself chatting with him at a table.

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Flash forward to the Spring of 2013. I received an email from my friend Natalie asking if my sister and I would like to join her and play on Tyler’s summer volleyball team. I didn’t hesitate to say yes… and I was single this time around! We spent the first part of summer getting to know each other every week. We would typically meet as a team before our games for a drink, or we would hang out for a bit after the games. We became friends and realized we had many of the same interests. We had similar taste in music, we both snowboarded, and we both loved being active.

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Feelings soon began to set in for both of us… Although it took him almost 2 months, Tyler finally asked me to hang out outside of volleyball. On July 26th, 2013 we had our first date at The Pint House in Short North. The night ended with our first kiss and we’ve been together ever since!

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how they asked

Meghan’s family does a big vacation in Outer Banks, NC (Hatteras) every year. I worked out some rough plans to propose down there, and it’s a good think the plans were rough, because we were experiencing Hurricane Bonnie, which came back to life (Zombie Bonnie). We were both working remotely for the first couple days, and toward the end of the second day the weather appeared to be breaking, so I took the opportunity to suggest a couple drinks after we shut down the computers.

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The plan was to “casually” stop by a pier nearby and enjoy a little sunshine after 3 days of rain. Her sister was posted up with a camera and had drawn a big “X” in the sand underneath the pier where I was to pop the question. The “X” was about 5’x5′, and I was a little worried that it was too obvious. I was also supposed to get her to face the setting sun to make sure her reaction could be caught on camera. After getting to the beach, we did a little walking back and forth, and then Meghan walked the complete opposite direction from where I needed her to be. I walked the other direction in hopes that she would come back toward me, and I later found out she was actually a little irritated by the fact that I didn’t accompany her. She eventually came back my direction, and I got her positioned where we needed to be. We were standing right on the massive “X”, and I don’t know how she didn’t see it.

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She also has a little “thing” about penguins, and I had been carrying a little pebble around in my pocket for about 2 days. I started talking about how it would be cool if there were penguins in the Outer Banks. I then asked her “If we were penguins, and I presented this pebble to you, would you accept it?” I believe her response was something very close to “Awhhh… of course… but I’d REALLY like a different rock (wink wink)” That’s exactly the response I was hoping for, and it was my cue to pull the ring out of my pocket and drop to a knee.

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I don’t even remember exactly what I said. She dropped to her knees about 1 second after me and just had her hands over her face. Dropped her sunglasses on the ground, dropped her phone on the ground… and then eventually managed to get out a “yes”. Meanwhile her sister was sneaking up on us, taking photos of the moment. Her dad was also there. They each gave us a quick hug, handed us a cooler with a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses, and a blanket, and then peaced out so we could enjoy a few minutes alone on the beach (little did she know there were 20 people staging a party back at the “family compound”).

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