Tyler and Lucas

How We Met: Lucas and I Image 1 of Tyler and Lucasboth attend(ed) Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He was a big, bad
sophomore when I entered my freshman year.

I was a Texan, far from home, completely ignorant to the sport of hockey, and yet I had somehow managed to develop close friendships with the rookies on the Division II hockey team.

Each day we would eat lunch in the cafeteria and I would sit with my friends. Being a veteran on the team, Lucas wasn’t so interested in us. He would walk past our table, food in tow, and my friends would scream “EBELLLL!!!!!!!!” (which he would do his best to ignore).

I was single (18 years and going strong), and the guys were constantly trying to set me up with someone. They were quite persistent about Lucas, “You know…Ebel’s single.” And I did think he was handsome, but I could tell that he had no idea who I was, let alone had any interest in me.

Image 2 of Tyler and Lucas

Fast forward a year. Throughout the years, my close friendships changed, but I still found myself with the hockey team as my family away from home.

I began to see someone around October of 2013. My roommate also started to date someone, and her beau would bring along the man I knew as “Ebel”. Needless to say, I began to see more of Lucas. He was quiet and I exchanged very few words with him (never even a formal introduction). (Later I found out that he had asked about me, only to find out that I was dating one of his teammates).

Image 3 of Tyler and Lucas

In spring 2014, I was newly single after my first boyfriend and I had broken up in January. I started to hang out with new people and, as a result, I finally met Lucas at a party around April. We became fast friends and I began to develop a crush on him. He was known for the fact that he had never dated nor shown interest in any girls at Liberty. Our friends started to notice his demeanor around me and knew that he had finally found his girl. Of course neither of us knew that and we were both to shy to say otherwise.

(I should also mention that through Lucas I met one of his best friends, Kelsey, who was engaged to his other best friend, John. Kelsey is now my Matron of Honor)

Lucas and I communicated back and forth all throughout the Summer of 2014. In August, we both stood with our best friends John and Kelsey as they committed to marriage. That day we danced for the first time.

Image 4 of Tyler and Lucas

Fast forward again to August 22 when Lucas and I shared our first kiss. That anxiousness that I felt from him, that fast-paced heartbeat…I would sense that from him again a little over a year later.

On September 14, 2014, Lucas made me his girlfriend.

Image 5 of Tyler and Lucas

how they asked: Let me just say it: I’m impatient. Lucas is the love of my life. I knew it; he knew it; everyone knew it. It just needed to be official. I pestered Lucas for months. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was that girl. I wanted to be engaged because I wanted to do all of the engagement things! I wanted to pick out my dress, book a venue, take engagement pictures, design our save-the-dates and invitations, register for gifts, and call Lucas Ebel my fiancé.

We had the ring picked out in May. Lucas knew that I wanted our best friends there. It was just a matter of when. I knew that John, Kelsey, and Lucas were all coming in to town for fall break. I had the incredible hope (okay, assumption) that this would be the weekend. Being the obnoxious girlfriend that I was, I asked Lucas about it. He was sending out all the right signals (requested that we go hiking at sunset, etc). He told me that he couldn’t propose that weekend because he could’ afford the ring that we had picked out so many months before.

I was devastated, and he knew it. Kelsey and I went to get our nails done on Friday because we had planned to do so. I was having a hard time justifying paying for a manicure when I knew that I wouldn’t be getting a ring the next day. I did anyway because Lucas offered to pay for it.

Saturday (October 10th), Lucas, Kelsey, John, and I had planned to go to Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville Virginia. I was still holding on to the hope that this would be the day. My spirits were high, and I was full of anticipation. We got to the orchard up in the mountains, which was breathtakingly beautiful

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As the day went on, my spirits fell as I came to the realization that Lucas wasn’t going to propose. He was really set on going to pick Fuji apples (which I never buy us, so I didn’t know why he was so excited about them). As we walked further and further up the mountain, it started to become more and more quiet. There were so many people there that day, but we went out to the apples that no one had touched, that no one could see. All of a sudden, I could feel that it was just Lucas and I. John and Kelsey ha dropped back a bit, but I didn’t pay much attention. Lucas started asking me questions,”Do you love me?”, “Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with me up in the mountains of North Carolina?” I said yes to them all, but I didn’t think much of the questions because we talked like that all the time.

I could feel that same anxiousness in him that I felt before he kissed me for the first time. I thought, “Is this it? No, Tyler, stop working yourself up.” Then he said, “I have just one more question” and he got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

Image 9 of Tyler and Lucas

Of course I immediately began sobbing. I was so overjoyed and so overtaken by all of the love in my heart for him. I was completely shocked, but I nodded “yes” and I hugged him tighter than ever before. Kelsey, meanwhile, had been taking a million pictures (for which I am so grateful). I let go of Lucas, he put the ring on my finger, and I cried some more. I hugged Kelsey and cried again.

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Image 12 of Tyler and Lucas

There was a lot of crying. But also so much joy.

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Having our best friends there was so special such a blessing, Lucas, my groom-to-be, did an incredible job. He even carved our initials into one of the apples trees. It was, and forever will be, perfect.

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Here’s a link to my Matron of Honor’s blog, explaining her side of things about the proposal.