Tyler and Laura

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How We Met

Tyler and I met in middle school, where we had mutual friends and multiple classes together that continued throughout high school. Although we were not enamored with each other at first, we began going on dates and found out our opposite personalities did attract. We attended every homecoming and prom together and Tyler quickly grew to become my best friend and biggest supporter. We continued to date in college, and with every distance and new experience, our relationship grew stronger. I am beyond lucky to be in love and engaged with my high school sweetheart and can’t wait to share many more memories together!

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how they asked

After nearly six years of dating and with Laura about to graduate, I knew it was time to take the next step in our relationship. I had been looking forward to finally planning the proposal and after receiving her fathers’ blessings, I was ready to ask the woman of my dreams to marry me. I knew when I wanted to propose but with me living in North Carolina, I knew I needed the help of Laura’s closest friends. I set the date for the proposal, booked my plane ticket to Texas, and began planning with the help of all of her friends and family.

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I woke up early that morning to catch my flight and could not have been more anxious for all of the plans that day. Once I landed, I headed to the proposal location, which is one of our favorite spots on the Texas A&M campus: George Bush Library. I met with both of our families to make sure they knew their role in the proposal and that’s when it hit me; I was about to propose to my best friend.

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In order for the surprise to work, I had to get Laura to the proposal location without any suspicions. Her friends told her they were going to take group pictures together since graduation was approaching. As we were currently in a long distance relationship for almost a year, I knew I was the last person she expected to see. It started raining and Laura was more than reluctant and confused why her friends would still want to take pictures in the rain. Thankfully, she still arrived and looked as beautiful as ever. The first person she saw was her brother who quickly made an excuse for also being at the library that day. He then walked her over to the first stop…Her sister appeared and that’s when it hit Laur what was happening. They handed her a rose and a picture with a note that I had written on the back.

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She immediately started crying and after exchanging many hugs they told her to keep walking down the walkway. My two brothers popped out and again handed Laura a rose and a picture. Next came her Dad and Step Mom, then my parents, and finally her Mom and Step Dad. Every stop she made was a new surprise and special for each family member. At the end of the walkway, I appeared with roses and asked her to take a walk with me. We walked around the lake to a spot under the gazebo, where we shared a more intimate moment together and I finally asked her to marry me. The rain actually made the moment much more romantic and memorable, and as we walked back to celebrate with all of our family and friends, I couldn’t have been more thankful for this special day, everyone involved, and for Laur saying yes to forever.

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