Kristen and Tyler

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How We Met

I was the “new girl” at the only middle school in the small city where Tyler and I met. Tyler was known to be the nice guy. He was always smiling and greeting people with high-fives (he still does this), so naturally, we became friends. It wasn’t until senior year in high school did fate nudge us a little. On the first day of senior year all the students come early to find their assigned lockers before school begins. I went to find my locker and noticed I had been assigned a bottom locker. I knew I would have to bend down every day to get my textbooks. My three previous years I always had a bottom locker, so I was not pleased. I decided to take initiative, and put all my belongings in the locker above mine. I even put my lock on it to claim it. After, I went to find my classes so that I wouldn’t get lost throughout the school day.

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When I returned to my locker, (not mine, I just put my lock on it) I noticed our campus security with huge pliers standing next to Tyler ready to cut my lock off. I said, “Wait! Don’t cut my lock! ” Tyler politely told me to get my things out, because he never had a top locker and this year he was assigned to the one I had claimed. We fought over the locker for about five minutes when we noticed the campus security had already left us. We decided to share the locker until I found a better home for my books. I was aggravated with the situation and speed walked to my first period class. Once I found my seat in class, I noticed the seat next to me was still empty. Soon after, what do you know; Tyler is assigned to the same class, and sits in the one open seat next to me. Fast-forward seven years, we are very much in love, and I might have stole his locker senior year 2010 but he stole my heart and now we’re tying the knot August 2017 in the small city where we met.

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how they asked

One day I was casually scrolling through my Instagram explore page when I came across a film, editorial, photographer. I instantly fell in love with the way the way she captured soft, natural lighting, and had a fresh yet elegant style. I of course stalked her Instagram page, and went crazy commenting heart eye emojis on almost all her photos. I noticed she was holding a contest. She was looking for a couple to photograph. Not only would I get the opportunity to wear gorgeous designer garments but also Tyler and I would be able to keep the beautiful photos. It was a no brainer. I entered for us, and to my surprise, we won! Tyler and I instantly fell in love with Lucy (photographer) at the style shoot we had won. Shooting with her was so fun and natural; we left that shoot gaining a friend (now shooting our wedding day!). When she approached me two months later about shooting again with her I leaped at the opportunity. This time it was going to be a two days of shooting in San Luis Obispo. I immediately called Tyler to see if he would be free and willing. He also seemed excited and thought this trip couldn’t come at a better time. Tyler and I live about two and half hours apart from one another and we had been itching for a weekend getaway. Everything started falling into place.

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Tyler and I met with Lucy (photographer) at Santa Margarita Ranch for our first photo session of the weekend. It was dusk and the sunlight hitting the hill couldn’t have been more dreamy and perfect. The sunset really illuminated the space; expressing the warmth I felt cozying up in Tyler’s arms while we were taking pictures. I was definitely under the impression this was just another style shoot. Little did I know Tyler had already called Lucy that morning letting her in on the secret engagement ring he’s been holding onto. Lucy and Tyler came up with a game plan. When Tyler would say, “this is the perfect spot” she would know the moment was here. Day two/ the big moment: At the peek of dawn the following day we arrived to Montana De Oro in San Luis Obispo for our second “style shoot”. We explored the beach and shot in multiple spaces. We had stopped to take pictures alongside a cliff that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Tyler said, “Wow, this is just the perfect spot.” Our photographer, Lucy suggested we take a few individual shots. I was up first to shoot solo (so I thought). She told me to turn away from them and to look over the water, so I took her direction and stuck a pose facing the water. As she stepped a few yards back she was saying “Perfect, don’t move, perfect!”

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So, I stood still. I remember feeling the cold air on my cheeks, hearing the seagulls’ sing and the waves crashing against the rocks below us. Little did I know Tyler was getting into position on one knee right behind me. I heard Tyler whisper, “Honey”… I ignored him. I was trying to abide by the direction Lucy gave me, not to move. He then repeated himself once more, “Honey,” he insisted a turn. I thought why is this man interrupting? I finally turned…I gasped, and it took me a second for reality to sink in.

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He smiled and said how much he loved me. Instant tears streamed down my face while he asked, “will you marry me?” I was so choked up it took me three yes’s before it came out clearly. The moment was so special, authentic, and raw, a mix of playful moments, loving embraces and kisses. I remember him kissing my ring finger and jokingly saying “you’re mine now!”

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We laughed and kissed some more of course. I was wrapped in his arms so tightly, not wanting to let go because I didn’t want the moment to pass. We were so at peace in that special moment. I still can’t believe the sweet boy I met in the 7th grade is now going to be my husband. We will look back at these photos and cherish them forever!

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