Kelsey and Tyler


How We Met

We were both somewhere around the age of fourteen and met through horse shows and mutual friends. We immediately formed a friendship. Even back then, I knew there was something more to our relationship then a high-school fling. We dated for a while in high school but, as sixteen year old boys do, Tyler got a bit restless and decided to move on. As years passed, we remained friends. Tyler began his horse training career and I went off to college. We would still spend evenings on the phone with each other, chatting endlessly, and spent countless hours together at horse shows.

Although we dated other people, the dates just never had that same connection as that time when Tyler and I  were together. We finally reignited our relationship about three years ago. It wasn’t an ideal situation – I was three states away and we spend years making the relationship work via long distance phone calls and Skype dates. But we worked through it because we knew it was worth it. After two and a half years of dating I moved to Indiana to be with Tyler. We found a house, got a dog, and started our life together.

how they asked

It was Tyler and I’s three year anniversary weekend. We planned to do our ritual Friday night double date with our two best friends. As we walked from our friends house down to my favorite downtown restaurant, Tyler asked if we could scope out a little garden (one of my favorites on the walk). As we entered the garden I saw candles on the ground in a giant circle. I immediately started sobbing, knowing what was about to happen.


After being best friends for ten years, dating long distance for two, being together in the same state for one, and anxiously awaiting the moment where I could say yes to being his wife- the moment was finally here.


He got down on one knee and started talking about our life together, our future children, and all of the adventures we were going to have.



My head was in my hands the whole time as I just sobbed and sobbed! I exclaimed YES! before he even got the words out of his mouth.


As he slipped the family heirloom diamond on my hand, I could hardly believe it. It was such a special moment, and my friend (who happens to be a wedding photographer) documented the whole thing!


It was such a magical moment and after I wiped my happy tears we walked the rest of the way to the restaurant, calling our family and friends and celebrating with champagne.




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