Kelsey and Tyler

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How We Met

I had just started college and was looking forward to focusing on my studies and getting to play the sport I love, soccer. I had been in school for about 2 months, when my older sister texted me on a Thursday asking if I had anything to do. She told me that she wanted me to come down and meet a guy, that she totally thought was my type. I decided that since I didn’t have practice, and my first class on Friday was later in the morning, I would go down and have a good time. We met at her sorority house, and shortly walked across the street to her (now exes) fraternity house. I was so excited, as this was going to be my first “real” fraternity party. As we walked in, my sister immediately introduced me to this guy that she thought would be a perfect fit. It turns out, he was a real douche. Drunker than a skunk, and didn’t even remember meeting me, the next time we saw each other. Instead of dwelling on him, I continued to have a good time, drinking water, since I had to drive home; when this other guy, Tyler, walked up to me and introduced himself. At first I was taken aback. I wasn’t even sure if he was talking to me. After talking all night I said my goodbyes to drive back to my own dorm room. As I was leaving I thought about giving him my number, but did”t think anything of it, since I was brand new to college and didn’t want to get into a serious relationship right away. Fast forward 12 hours. I was just getting out of class when my phone vibrated with a new text message from an unknown number. Looking down, I read: “Hi. I’m not sure if you remember me, but this is Tyler from Sigma Nu. I thought you were pretty cool, and was wondering, if you wanted, to hang out a little bit. If you do, text me back, if not I totally understand.” We’ve been together 7 years now, and can’t wait to get married to spend the rest of our lives together.

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how they asked

It was the Saturday before Superbowl 50 and all the commotion was happening in San Francisco. I was super excited, but super annoyed with all the traffic and people EVERYWHERE! I woke up on Saturday to Tyler telling me that he needed to go run some errands. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary as he usually wakes up before me, and goes to do things he can’t during the week when he’s working. I kissed him goodbye, and went back to sleep. I woke around 8:30 to a phone call from my mom. I didn’t want to talk right away, so I instead I got up and called Tyler asking him where he was. He stated that he still had a couple of errands to run and would be home soon. I wasn’t feeling well, so I got ready since we were planning on going to meet my family in the city to go to Superbowl City. Tyler finally got home and he asked what I wanted to do for the day. On Saturday’s, we usually fly by the seat of our pants and go with whatever we find that day. Anyways, I told him that I didn’t want to go meet my family because I wasn’t feeling well, and wanted to skip out on the thousands of people that would be in the city. So we did what we normally would. Went shopping at Target for birthday gifts, got lunch, and then decided to celebrate Saturday with a drink. Again, not unusual because we do this often. Tyler then asked me if I wanted to go meet my family. I told him I didn’t since we would be seeing them tomorrow (for Super Bowl. Its always a big celebration for us). We decided to go wine tasting at a local winery to try their Rose. The entire time, Tyler was so cool. I never expected anything since our day was so normal and usual. After leaving the winery, Tyler asked if I wanted to go drive Highway 1. We usually drove south, but never north. I said sure, It’s not like we have anything else to do right now. As we were driving up, Tyler asked if my parents were still in the city. I texted them but got no response so we continued to drive up towards SF. We were about 10 minutes from the Y point in the freeway where you can go over the Golden Gate Bridge towards Sausalito or drive back south towards San Jose when my older sister texted me and told me that they had left SF, but they would see me tomorrow. I told Tyler they left, and by this time we were at the Y.

Here’s a little back story. All my life I grew up in the Bay Area, but had never gone across the Golden Gate Bridge, or had seen it up close. I had told this to Tyler when we first met, and for our first date he took me to the city and we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever since, it has kind of been our thing. We have about 3 million pictures of it in our apartment. Anyways, back to the proposal. We got to the Y and Ty asked if I wanted to go across the Golden Gate since we hadn’t been there in so long. I once again went along with it and said sure. At this point I was becoming a little suspicious, but thought nothing of it. Tyler was acting so normal and I always thought that on the day he proposed he would be quiet and not talkative. Driving across the bridge was as beautiful as it ever was. We drove up towards the western side of the Golden Gate just in time to see the sun setting. We stopped at a Vista Point, got out our dog Whiskey, and hiked up a little hill to a higher vista. Like the crazy girl that I am, I started taking pictures of the Golden Gate and the sunset. When I turned around I noticed Tyler fidgeting. I figured he couldn’t get his phone out of his pocket to get a picture. I turned back around to take more pictures. When I turned back around to hug Tyler, he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him! I was so stunned that I asked him if he was joking!!! I couldn’t believe that my best friend was finally asking me to marry him and to spend the rest of our lives together! I immediately said YES! Now we get to plan one of the best days of our lives together and spend together forever!

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