Tyler and Kelli

Tyler Reuben's Proposal in Pothole Falls, Washington

How We Met

I was introduced to Tyler by one of my best friends & Savemart coworkers, Megan. The meeting was nothing special, or so it seemed. Obviously Tyler was interested (I mean, who wouldn’t be) and I was just clueless and thought it was cute how he thought he was so smooth. He sure was handsome though.

Unbeknownst to Megan, and just several months later, Tyler & I shared our first kiss in the Carl’s JR parking lot on Esplanade in Chico, CA while our friend and sister was inside catering to her drunchies after her post birthday festivities. We spent a large portion of the night helping the birthday girl who had a little bit too much to drink, and as soon as I crawled in Tyler’s bed–he knew he’d seal the deal, but to his dismay, it didn’t go quite as far as he’d hoped. Being the dog lover that I am, I really, seriously, just wanted to cuddle with Tank, Tyler’s 130 pound rotweiller, who, to this day, still receives most of the attention (and most of the bed). Better luck next time, Tyler.

Proposal Ideas Pothole Falls, Washington

The next day Tyler and Megan’s Mom even made an innocent remark that she dreamt Tyler and I had had “gotten together”. Everyone awkwardly laughed, but that was the end of that. I had moved home from my college town and it was a lost cause. Nobody knew just how accurate Nikki’s premonition was. In coming months, I visited Megan and saw Tyler occasionally, but it didn’t go anywhere. I spent the next three years in my home town, two hours south of Chico, and had eventually found my own (almost as big) snuggly pup to cuddle with–the most perfect pitbull ever, Sam. Tyler and I both went their separate ways, and as I visited less and less, it was for sure a thing of the past.

In 2014, I decided to return to Chico State to go back to school. With Sam by my side, I packed up my car and didn’t look back. By now, most of my college friends had moved home, and I really didn’t know anyone, except my local girl friends, and one of their brothers who I had kissed a couple years before in a fast food parking lot.

It wasn’t long before Tyler and I reconnected and ultimately had our first “official date”–we had dinner & drinks at The Pour House, and went to see 22 Jump Street. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting more than a new friend, but that’s where my puppy loving heart was completely wrong. Once Tank met Sam, it was set in stone–the four of us were pretty much inseparable. (Also, there was the tiny fact that I fell really hard, really fast)

On September 23rd, 2014, Tyler took me (who happened to be in the most uncomfortable boots ever) to Twin Peaks in San Francisco, and while we stood there, overlooking the city–him in his socks, and me in his shoes, he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. In the perfectly imperfect moment, I said yes.

how they asked

Over time, Tyler, Tank, Sam, and myself found ourselves living in Vancouver, Washington where we’re still building our lives together. It was a huge jump, but we knew that even though we were so far away from our families, we’d be okay if we were together. In February of 2017, Tyler went back to California for a weekend to finalize the sale on his gun, and tie up some loose ends. Little did I know that he had another agenda. The day before his 28th birthday, Tyler visited my parent’s house and asked my Dad permission to marry me. My parents, of course, said yes. And me, the girl who has never been surprised in her whole entire life? I had no clue. On March 19th, 2017, the love of my life took me out to take family pictures(because I’m annoying and beg for them), and every detail of his secret plan that have gone wrong, did. The beach where he was planning to propose was flooded, so went on what was supposed to be a simple hike to chase some waterfalls that, to this day, we technically have not found. We had to pass all the ‘vicious dog’ haters (and some grumpy little dogs). I face planted straight in the mud and we got completely lost. I was COVERED in dirt, mud, and whatever else was in that forest.

I was about five seconds from crying and we were in the middle of nowhere when Tyler suggested we take a break. He remembered he’d got the dogs their new tags with our new address and put them on. As I read them, I realized they didn’t even have our phone number or address, they were a message for me to look at Tyler, who handed me some paperwork. At this point, I was beyond confused. I unfolded it to find that it was adoption papers for my most beloved best friend, Sam, so that he could take Tyler’s last name. By the time I finished reading the sweetest page of my puppy loving life, I looked up and Tyler was on one knee, with the most beautiful diamond ring that I have ever dreamed of, promising me his forever.

Of course I said “Yes!” to Tyler (and Tank). Sam definitely approves of the decision as well.

The day didn’t go exactly according to plan, but neither does anything we do. We dodge the struggles, find alternatives, and come out on top and always in love. And always, always, with our hearts full of love for our fur children.