Katelynn and Tyler

10005923_1027824300561830_3646395841798559449_oHow We Met: It all began at a church retreat. “I’m going to date that girl before I graduate” Tyler jokingly said to a friend. I was in 8th grade and he was a freshman. Little did he know he would be my first boyfriend and also my last.

The fall of my freshman year Tyler decided to message me on Facebook. Being the stubborn girl I am, I kept my guard up because…after all, an athletic, goofy, smart, upper classman wanting to date me seemed to good to be true. I was the goody-goody girl with no intention of dating, but his charm and strong morals won me over.

Tyler asked me to be his girlfriend after a sports banquet in 2011. Not long after, we sat down one night and drew a triangle. With God at the center point and Tyler and I at each corner, we committed to keeping Christ at the center of both our lives and relationship. Our triangle symbolized our promise to seek the Lord both separately and together, growing closer to each other in our pursuit of Him. 4 ½ years later still committed to that promise he asked me to be his wife.

how they asked:  I tend to ask a lot of questions and after 4 ½ years together I almost always know when Tyler is up to something but, not this time.Knowing he would have to catch me off guard Tyler enlisted the help of our family and closest friends. On June 13, 2015 I had the biggest surprise of my life.

In order for Tyler to have time to prepare for the big day he told me he had to work and left my best friend in charge of keeping me busy.

She had told me she was interested in buying a nice camera and wanted to mess around with mine at the park before she decided to invest. She had also told me she recently bought a dress that “didn’t fit” and wanted me to have it. Being nearly a week before the proposal I had no idea this was all a part of Tyler’s plan and that he had hand picked the dress himself!

That Saturday my girlfriend and I went out to the park to take a few pictures. We walked up to this barn and she said she needed just “one last picture”. She then told me to walk around the corner and my heart began to race. I was flooded with emotions and overcome with excitement, as all I could manage to say was “No no, no way!” It seemed to good to be true. I knew what was about to happen and as I turned the corner I saw the man of my dreams waiting for me at the end of the bridge.


Dressed in suit and tie the love of my life began walking me down memory lane. He had hung pictures from the past few years of our relationship and after many laughs and a few tears he pulled me to the middle of the bridge. He said, “Katelynn Ann, I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you, creating more precious memories and sharing all my pictures with you by my side.” He listed the reasons he wants to marry me. Smiling ear to ear, looking into his tear-filled eyes, all I could manage to say was “Is this really happening?”


Tyler knelt down to a knee and with the most beautiful ring asked me to be his wife. Of course I said yes and as we hugged and he kissed my forehead our family and friends came out of their hiding places and welcomed us with sweet words and congratulations.

IMG_1059-3 copy


The Lord even painted a beautiful rainbow as a backdrop for our photos. This was by far the best day of my life!

IMG_1072 new

The ring! Oh my goodness, the ring!

As we promise to spend forever together this ring is a symbol of the foundation our relationship was built upon. With an intertwined band of 3 and one center diamond in representation of Ecclesiastes 4:12 we have promised to spend our days drawing near to God, just like the triangle we drew all those years ago.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12


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