Jessica and Tyler

How We Met: We met during the summer of 2008. I was working as a waitress at a local restrains and he was a friend of a friend. The fist time we met we didn’t exactly hit it off . It took some time but eventually we started spending more time together. We would go on long road trips in the middle of the night with our friends. Eventually we fell in love. As does every love story we had some rough times. I moved away to finish school and dated other guys. Even through that time there was always that connection and we both eventually realized that we wanted no one else. I graduated from college and immediately moved back in with him. Since moving back in together our relationship has been even stronger . He has only one request of me before we started to talk about marriage. He wanted me to be working full time. In September of 2013 I found myself a full time job an by December we were talking seriously about marriage. At the beginning of January we picked out my ring. On January 24 he Proposed. It may have taken years and some time apart but I knew then and I know even more now that he is the man I’m goon to happily spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked: Tyler planned with several of my friends to propose to me during my friends concert. He had the plan in works for weeks but didn’t know for sure until a few days before the concert that he was being allowed. He told me he was going to work as usual for every other Friday . However he has planned to leave work early and to be at the concert venue while I was eating dinner with some of my closest friends before the concert. My friends and I finally arrived at Wild Bills after some difficulties with our waitress and our food taking forever. My friends were freaking out thinking I might not make it for my own proposal! during the set my friend Hailey says that we are needs by the band manager in the VIP area. The thought of a proposal flashes in my head and I start to shake. The lead singer and friend Scott Brantley calls my friend and I up on stage to “thank us”. While on stage Tyler is hiding back stage . Scott finally brings Tyler out on stage. With my best friends in the front row and hundreds of other people in the audiance, he dropped to his knees and asked my to marry him. Of corse my answer was yes, an I cried .