Tyler and Jacob

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How We Met

I met my fiancé Jacob through a mutual, terrible relationship that (unknown to each other at the time) we were both in simultaneously. We met in person one day after finding out about the other to discuss the monster we had apparently been dating. He was stuck in hotel rooms and I in my car because I had had enough being with such a horrible person. Jacob was kind enough to offer me to stay in the other bed in his hotel room so as to not be living in my car. We eventually started dating but were still in hotel rooms. After a couple months, we finally were able to find an apartment to live in; but we were pretty broke from living in hotel rooms.

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Luckily I got promoted to a steady job shortly after moving into the apt. We still struggled for a year due to rent being extremely high and constant road blocks. Just in the nick of time, we found a decent house for rent were we could start saving money in. After a month, Jacob landed a good job at the same place I worked and we were finally making headway. Then we were wrongfully kicked out for a reason that has never been given (anti-LGBT we guess). But we got lucky once more and found a nicer apartment. Jacob and I both got promoted at the same time to better jobs and started getting comfortable again. Shortly after our promotions, Jacob asked me to marry him.

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how they asked

On Valentine’s Day of 2017, Jacob took me out to dinner at a very nice steakhouse in Vail, Colorado close to where we live. After dinner, we went ice skating at the rink where we had our first date. As we were skating around, a kind young lady offered to take our picture- to which Jacob seized the opportunity and had me go and stand over in the spot where we took our first picture together. He had me shut my eyes for a moment and when I opened them, he had laid out rose pedals around my on the ice. He grabbed my hands and read me a long, sweet message that he had written. At the end of the message, he got down on his knee (which was extremely difficult on ice in ice skates!) and asked me to marry him.

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I never would have though that I/ we would be here 2 years ago after almost being homeless several times from what seemed like a force that was trying to destroy us. I guess there truly is a happy ending to every story.

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