Tyler and Evan

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 1 RS

How We Met: Tyler and I met 7 years ago through mutual friends. My best friend was dating a guy and I would always tag along with her to his fraternity parties. I spotted Tyler one time at a party and thought how cute he was, but he was a party guy and was older and never thought we would ever work. About a year later I got the guts to message him on Facebook and start random conversation. I guess you can say I pursued him first :) It was summer time and I was living back at home so we only got to hang out once or twice.

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 2 RS

It was the first big party of the new school year and Tyler and I hung out here and there at the party. As I would creepily watched him I saw a girl hanging all over him and I was devastated as I thought we were moving along in our potential relationship. I left the party upset and said I wouldn’t talk to him again. The next day he called me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner. I was so excited as that night my friends and I were celebrating my birthday so I thought he was taking me on our first date for my birthday. Come to find out later he didn’t know it was my birthday ha! It was a great first date at Texas Roadhouse and it all started from there! We have had our ups and downs after 6 1/2 years, but the wait was worth it and we will tie the knot July 9, 2016 in Dripping Springs, TX.

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 3 RS

How He Proposed: Tyler said we were going to a Fredericksburg for a weekend together as we live in different cities right now and don’t have many weekends just us. He said we were going to a winery Friday. I didn’t think much of it as for a while now I have told him he needed to plan getaways weekends before he was going to propose so I wouldn’t know exactly when it was happening so that’s what I thought his was.

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 5 RS

We got to the winery and went straight to our private wine tasting! During our wine tasting was when I first met Miguel. He came in saying he was with the winery and taking advertising shots and asked if he could take some of our tastings. I was so excited and thought sure we may be in a magazine or something, but little did I know at the time he was capturing everything for what was about to come. After the tasting we walked around a little bit and then we walked over to a little table with champagne on it.

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 8RS

Tyler told me to sit and at first I refused as I didn’t think the table was for us. Tyler insisted so I sat. It was a vegetable garden so I was just sipping my champagne and naming the vegetables around me. At this point Tyler did get very quiet, but I was just enjoying myself not thinking anything. Tyler asked me what that yellow vegetable was behind me so I turned around to look and when I turned back towards him he was on one knee! I honestly don’t remember him asking me I just said YES!! It was a long time coming so I just kept saying really??

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 7RS

We hugged, kissed and I admired my ring for awhile and then Miguel revealed himself and took some shots of us. I thought it was all over but little did I know we were taking a helicopter ride! I was very nervous as I am claustrophobic but it was beyond amazing! After Miguel took some more photos of us and I was still in shock!

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 6RS

After staying the night in Fredericksburg we were going to meet my parents out our family lake house and much to my surprise our close family and friends were there waiting for us. We celebrated the rest of the weekend! Our engagement was beyond my expectations! Again I am beyond thankful for Miguel and we have these amazing memories forever.

Tyler and Evan Surprise Marriage Proposal 4RS

Photos and Video by Miguel Lecuona