Tyler and Elizabeth

How They Asked

It took months of planning for me to pull this off! It was all planned around Lizzie’s “birthday trip” (at least that’s what she thought) :). We arrived in beautiful St. Thomas on Friday and had plans to do several sightseeing tours along with going to the beach. After a fun-filled day on Saturday, we were worn out and decided to head back to the resort for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Sunday came around and we were busy all day on the beach snorkeling and scuba diving. After we left the beach I told Lizzie that we were going to dinner on the beach so she could dress up nice! Once we got to the Ritz for dinner I told her that I got a superset sunset sailboat ride we could go on before we ate. As we boarded the boat I got pretty nervous and excited all at the same time. About 20 minutes went by and we were towards the front of the boat. Right, when the sunset peered beneath the horizon I told her to stand up and check it out!

Tyler and Elizabeth's Engagement in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

She stood and turned towards the ocean and that’s when I got down on one knee and she then turned around and couldn’t believe what was going on! The whole boat cheered for us and then we celebrated with a bottle of champagne. The proposal couldn’t have been any more memorable and we will both remember it for the rest of our lives.

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