Tyler and Chris

How We Met: I moved to Nashville, Tennessee from New York to go to Belmont University in 2010, and little did I know that Chris was only 30 minutes away in Brentwood, Tennessee just living his life and finishing up High School. But in the summer of 2012 our worlds collided in the most divinely beautiful way.


Both Chris and I went to the Center for Courageous Kids to be camp counselors for children with special needs for the entire summer. Now this place is magical, but i’m telling you when I saw this boy, I just knew there was something about him. and when he played with this gorgeously special children it took my breath away.


There really isn’t much to do in Scottsville Kentucky, but on our time off groups of us would get together to go to the movies or go out to dinner and that’s where I’d take my chances and hide in his shoulder during a scary movie or brush my hand up against his at dinner (hey! it worked!) eventually, he mustered up the courage to ask me out, and the rest is history.



how they asked: Chris and I have always been a long distance couple. When i graduated from college I moved to Savannah, Georgia to work as a nurse, and he went back to Macon Georgia to finish up his Senior year in college and we would occasionally travel back and forth on weekends to see each other but he had been asking me to take a weekend off of work so we could go back to Nashville to see our families for a while so I did and it ended up being in November!


Shortly after that I told my best friend who still lives in Nashville that i would be coming home so to save an afternoon for us to catch up and she seemed ecstatic and had a whole day planned for us already. Chris and I traveled together from Georgia to Nashville and I have to admit I was slightly suspicious, but this weekend seemed so informal that it couldn’t be it.


My best friend, Shannon, had planned a whole day that Saturday for us to go shopping with my mom, then head to get lunch and get our nails done and go wine tasting at a near by vineyard, so that day that’s exactly what set out to do! In the mean time Chris went to his house to spend time with his family while we were there.

When Shannon and I had finished getting our nails done we were supposed to head to the vineyard but instead she insisted on us stopping in some local stores before heading that way. At that point I thought that she was acting a little weird but I went along with it anyway! Eventually we ended up at Arrington Vineyards.


It was a chilly day but she insisted we take a picture or two outside before we did a wine tasting inside.


She took a picture or two of me, and then I see Chris walking up behind me as shes taking my picture. At that moment I knew. The whole day was for this. He gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead and said, “lets take a walk”.


I of course went along and just started nervously chatting about my day and showing him the color of my nails until we ended up at a secluded little swing with a white mailbox on it. when we sat down he opened the mailbox and handed me a letter and told me to read it. That letter had every beautiful word I could ever imagine on it, and when I looked up he was standing in front of me on one knee and said “will you marry me!?”


I could not even think straight! I forgot what hand to give him rsz_1proposal_chris_and_tyler_11_8_14-0118(like I always knew I would!) and the rest was a blur. He had listened to my rambling demands my perfect proposal and had ensured my nails were done and had a photographer hiding in the wings. and I couldn’t even believe it! after I had said yes, we walked over to a picnic bench where we proceeded to paint our hands and names onto our white mailbox recreating the mailbox in UP which i have always thought was the most glorious Disney love story.

It was all a dream, and it didn’t end there! After the proposal, we headed back to his house where he had gathered my closest family and friends (with my favorite food) to share in our love and celebrate our perfect day. I found out after that he and my best friend had been in contact for a long long time planning and making sure i would be in the right places at the right time, explaining the last minute stores before the vineyard. Every detail, down to ensuring I was wearing something I would love to be photographed in was planned for me to ensure this was something i would remember forever, and i know i will. I am so blessed by his love and how well he knows me and listened to all of the silly things i have always dreamed of having in my proposal.

Photos by: Mike Hines