Tyler and Cathryn

Tyler and Cathryn's Engagement in Port Austin, MI

How We Met

Tyler and I met on November 28th, 2018. Our mutual friend Davey was hosting a worship night at his church and asked both of us to be part of the band. When I got there, I introduced myself to everyone except this one guy with a bass in his hands. He was facing the wall and looked very busy tuning his bass for a solid 15 minutes, so I just decided that I would introduce myself after the service was over. **Backstory: Tyler saw me on facebook before the event, and wanted to talk to me before I even knew who he was. He said was tuning his bass for so long because he was extremely nervous and had to get the courage to talk to me!** When he finally turned around, I was sitting in the auditorium chair waiting for rehearsal to start. He walked toward the back of the room but stopped to introduce himself when he passed me. We only got to say our names before Davey called the band up for rehearsal.

Where to Propose in Port Austin, MI

I thought that he was really cute, and I definitely wanted to talk to him when the service was over. The moment we were done playing, I think God gave me supernatural boldness because I made a beeline over to him and started complimenting his unbelievable bass-playing skillz. He claims I was lying and overexaggerating. I continue to tell him that I would have noticed if he played horribly, and since I didn’t, he must have sounded amazing. Anyway, we talked for about 20 minutes and when we left, I waltzed over to Davey to ask what he knew about Tyler. When Davey gave me the green light, I decided to get to know Tyler more. He added me on facebook that night, and a couple of days later, I *casually* messaged him asking about how he was doing. We talked for a few more days, then went ice skating together for our first date on December 5th. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

A week before it happened, Tyler told me that his brother Travis, and Travis’ girlfriend, Ali, invited us to Port Austin for a day trip. The plan was to go take some pictures and have fun at the lake, then go to the Dark Sky Park and sit under the stars for a while. On June 22, we drove out to Port Austin and got there around 8:15 pm, just before sunset. Travis packed us some food, so we sat on the beach, ate, and took some super corny pictures by the lake. Tyler asked us if we wanted to go to the pier, so we all got up and walked that way. Once we got there, I noticed that Tyler was getting a little bit antsy. After a couple of minutes, I looked down and realized that he had passed his camera off to Travis. Right then, I realized what was happening. I stayed quiet and enjoyed the sunset, all the while getting nervous and excited all at the same time. Tyler picked a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down, and we stood there watching and talking for a few minutes. He talked about how grateful he was that God created something so beautiful for us to enjoy. (Before we continue, here’s a little more back story: Something we always say to each other is, “I’m gonna marry you.” And the other person responds with, “I’m gonna marry you first.”) So, Tyler told me that he was going to marry me and I responded with my usual, “I’m gonna marry you first.” Then he looked at me and said, “No, seriously. I’m going to marry you.” Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

It was surreal. Our favorite part of the story comes after the proposal, though. We went into town to find a restroom and walked into this tiny little bar packed out with about 40 people. A woman from the pier recognized us and told the musician who was playing that night about our engagement. He announced it to the whole bar and everyone started singing “Happy engagement to you!” to the tune of Happy Birthday. It was such a special and fun night, and one that we will never forget!

Special Thanks

Alisha Sewell
 | Photographer
Travis Downie
 | Planning