Tyler and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met after the Miami Heat won the national championship summer of 2013. Knowing mutual friends, he was introduced and got my number. The next day after we met we both had tickets to the Brad Paisley concert. I was in the pit and he was in the lawn (texting each other the entire concert) when Brad paisley played “She’s everything” he texted me.. “see if you dated me this would be our song”. We have been inseparable ever since and “She’s Everything” is our wedding song.

how they asked

Austin and I purchased our first home 7 months ago.. becoming a home owner is the most exciting and rewarding feeling in the world! We call it “The Hunny Pot Ranch”, due to living on a couple acres in the country and our love for Winnie the Pooh. For our 3 year anniversary I bought him a Windmill for our back yard that he had been swooning over. Two months later, he proposed to me in our backyard under our windmill.

Image 1 of Tyler and Austin

He told me he could pick any where in the world to get down on one knee but chose our first home, due to our love for spending our days on our ranch at home with our bulldog and chickens.

Image 2 of Tyler and Austin