Tyler and Amanda

How We Met

Amanda and I met in June 2015 after my cousin, Rachael Coogle at Salon Do or Dye, did her hair. At the time, I was in finance hosting a financial seminar. During the seminar, my cousin was blowing up my phone with messages that I couldn’t answer. After the seminar, I was greeted with pictures of Amanda from my cousin asking if I would be interested. Amanda was stunning. She appeared to be sweet, genuine and perfectly emulated all areas of attraction for me. Of course I said yes and immediately sent Amanda a message. By the end of the day, we planned to meet up the next week but we were so engrossed in conversation and curious about the other, that we met a few days later before our “planned” first date. Fast forward to July and I took Amanda to Prescott for the huge 4th of July Fireworks Show. I planned a nice spread with some beers, sandwiches and sweets from AJs.

Our first kiss was under the light of the fireworks which will forever be etched in my memory. As with any relationship, things aren’t perfect. For us, we fully believe in God’s timing. I chose to end the relationship a few months later and it was not a clean breakup. My heart was broken and Amanda’s was as well. Things at work were not well for me also, and I made the decision to move to Charleston, South Carolina. Before the move, I asked Amanda to coffee. At the time, she had no idea about my plan to move. This meetup, in my mind, would be the deciding factor in my move. If it went well, I would consider staying. If it went poorly, then for me, it was a sign to move. Due to the amount of pain I had cause by the breakup, the meeting did not go positively.

I remember walking out of that coffee shop wondering if I would ever see her again. And for the next year and a half, I though of Amanda every day. I met new people from all over while in Charleston, and still she consumed my thoughts. I dated other people over the course of that year and a half and Amanda still was at the forefront of my mind. Time passed, seasons changed, I relocated again (to Nashville) and I grew. The “what ifs” of what we could have been never died in my mind so I decided to reach out one last time. Since Amanda does not have any social media accounts, the only connection I had to her at the time was the name of one of her best friends. I found her friend and explained my situation. Her friend said she would reach out to Amanda. Within 24 hours her friend had responded but I was so nervous to read her response that I waited two days to open the message. To my surprise, Amanda was open to reconnecting. That night was the first time we talked in a year and a half and I never felt more hopeful after spending my time regretful of letting her go. A few weeks later, Amanda flew out to Nashville from Arizona and our reconnection was the most amazing experience I could have asked for. We cried. We laughed. We picked up right where we had left off in all the best ways. The next few months were spent long distance but I knew in my heart without an ounce of doubt that I wanted Amanda as my wife.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sedona, Arizona

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My cousin, Brooke Pribyl, a makeup artist helped me plan a “styled shoot” where we would get photographers and videographers together and do a shoot in Sedona with Amanda and I. Brooke reached out to Amanda to see if she would be interested in participating in this shoot and how “you and Tyler would be perfect models for this.” Little did Amanda know that this wasn’t a favor for my cousin, but it was a surprise proposal. I can still remember the look of confusion on her face when she turned around and saw me on one knee but then to see it click that I was proposing.

Amanda and Tyler's Engagement in Sedona, Arizona

It was the best day of my life to date. Amanda, you are my other half, the ying to my yang and my best friend. I can’t wait to journey down this adventuresome path called life together. I love you, baby.

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