Tyler and Alayalyn

How We Met

It was my very first job when right after I turned 16. I walked in for orientation at the local Arbys. When I walked around the corner we instantly made eye contact. I instantly felt something, at the time I wasn’t quite sure what it was. We had worked together for awhile, we rarely ever talked, unless it was to make fun of each other. I continuously made an effort to talk to him on another level, it only took me a year before he finally agreed to hang out. He mentioned he had a crush on me since the day he first saw me. He says he was scared to talk to me because we were too young to have already found each other as soul mates. After being together for 2 years he popped the question, I couldn’t of been anymore ecstatic learning that love at first sight was true – even if it happen in the back of an Arbys restaurant.

how they asked

We were beyond excited for this concert! We bought our tickets 6 months in advance to see Phora in Chicago Illinois! Somehow Tyler got a hold of Phora and made arrangements for him to propose at the concert. We went in and I expected to have a good night, we got to the concert but had a tough time getting in. We originally had meet and greet tickets but ours weren’t correct when we tried to enter. I was little upset but wasn’t sure what was going on.

Tyler's Proposal in It was on stage at the ending of a concert in Chicago, Illinois.

Tyler got a hold of Phora and who said we were on a guests list and not the meet and greet I was extremely confused. However we eventually got in after everyone else in line(over a thousand people) had went in! We sat on a ledge and watched the opening acts when someone came and gave us all access passes. Tyler said it was with the extra VIP he purchased.. I was wondering if he was up to something but I didn’t want to ruin a surprise.

Proposal Ideas It was on stage at the ending of a concert in Chicago, Illinois.

About 2 songs in we were told to stand next to the stage so we moved. Half way through the show we were brought on stage to “watch Phora perform” is what I was told as the photographer walked me up the stairs. I was very skeptical and knew something was definitely up now.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in It was on stage at the ending of a concert in Chicago, Illinois.

The show ended and he came back out for an encore, I now thought we really were just watching the show on stage…..

Until, Phora grabbed Tyler and told the crowd he had something special planned, that’s when he got on one knee, and told me how much he loved me in front of sooo many strangers, and the guy we just watched perform.

I was mind blow and the only thing I could even see was his pretty brown eyes that I fell in love with! After I said yes I looked to the crowd full of screaming people. I never expected after being proposed too I’d have a crowd of people cheering for me.

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Phora and the yours truly team
They helped him by putting it on stage! They took videos and pictures and helped him pull off the most amazing engagement.