Tyler and Adam

Tyler's Proposal in Sketch- London, UK

How We Met

We met on an app right after we graduated college. I thought I would just be going on a bunch of dates and getting free dinner. However Adam and I clicked within 5 minutes. It was my last first date. We’ve now been together for 4 years.

How They Asked

Adam and I stopped in London on our way to Rome where we had reservations for afternoon tea in The Gallery at Sketch, something I have wanted to do for quite a while. Adam was surprisingly on board. It was a Millennial Pink fever dream, the tea was amazing. As we were getting ready to depart – or so I thought-, Adam wanted to take some photos which were uncharacteristic, but the venue was beautiful so I did not think too much about it. We stood up to take photos and I noticed our server was not actually taking any but smiling and looking at Adam. I turned to see him getting down on one knee and he proposed!

Where to Propose in Sketch- London, UK

Everyone clapped and there were some cheers. He told me later he had to ask twice. I was so shocked I didn’t realize I had not responded. Afterward, the woman at the next table came over and told us she was a wedding planner, noticed we were alone and therefore had no one to document the proposal. She had taken a video which she then sent to us. I wish we knew who she was.

I learned that Adam initially planned to propose this past Christmas during a family trip. However, my father had some serious health issues that started right before the holidays and was in and out of the hospital. My father is doing great now so Adam and I were able to go on one of our own. The proposal ended up being a truly perfect day and could not have gone better if I had planned it myself.