Tylar and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I actually went to the same high school, he was class of 04’ I was 06’. I actually knew his sister and one of his brothers before I finally met him in 2012. My friends and I decided to go bowling a random Tuesday night for buck and bowl and have some beers and I sat down to put on my shoes and say this cute guy in a Kansas City Chiefs hat and made a comment to him. “Oh the Chiefs huh Matt Castle is kinda cute,” and he’s like who are you?? After about 6 months of him talking to me and trying to get me to go out with him, I finally did and couldn’t help but fall for his one of a kind personality.

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how they asked

After being together for 4 years and sort of finding out that my boyfriend Jake was going to propose to me I was ecstatic! However, we went to the beach on a vacation that I knew it was coming and it didn’t happen. Three months later I asked him what happened and he said that he changed his mind and actually didn’t believe in marriage and that he loves me but that he never wanted to get married. I would find out 5 months later that this was just a trick so that I wouldn’t know it was happening, a risky one, but one that worked. Christmas Eve, we are playing speak out that game where you put a dental piece in and try to read what’s on the card to your partner. His whole family who I just love dearly were there and pretty much everybody but me knew this was going to happen.

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When he read the card I knew exactly what he said, “Will you marry me?” My first thought was that’s really mean why would he not skip that card! He said it again, “Will you marry me?” At this point, I knew there’s no way the card could say that and I just sat there frozen like this isn’t really happening and that’s when he got up, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

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We all cried and celebrated and the best part of everything is when he started laughing right before he got down on his knee because he knew that he tricked me and boy did he get me good! We have the video of the proposal and it’s just my best most favorite memory I’ve ever had my whole life. Can’t wait to be Mrs. Oliver! 11-10-18.

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