Tyina and Daniel

How We Met

We met freshman year at Augustana College. Depending on who you ask, we met at different times throughout that year. My joke (but it really happened) is that I met him through his roommate, JB. Things didn’t work out between Jb and me, but that’s because everything happens for a reason. Danny’s first memory of me is when he was across from me at the Bingo table as I “gazed into JB’s eyes.” Justin asked me to bingo and being the adventurous girl, I said yes. Danny’s and my acknowledgment of each other’s Existence was engraved from this fact. Our story goes onto the night in which was the first time I reached out for help from Danny. Needless to say, his phone was dead that night (wow and dead for like half of college, jokes). The very next day he met up with me at the college center and expressed to me how he was sorry he missed my call, and what was the reason for the urgency. I told him and he did not leave my side for the rest of the night. He then asked me to join him for a rehearsal violin concert on campus (later to find out, he needed to be there for a class and I thought he was just being romantic). After this, I thought we’d go our separate ways but he just talked to me all the way back to my dorm. In those moments, Daniel laid out his whole life and shared secrets with me he never told anyone else. (This was basically our first real-time hanging out). In the midst of us acting out our life stories, my service sorority friends nominated me for the “slough jump.” With this, either you would have to donate $10 to camp Kessem or you would have to jump into the body of water on campus dubbed “the slough.” The slough is NOT something anyone wants to voluntarily go into. Campus rumors said there were tires, cars, dead fish beneath the opaque water. Being broke college kids, we were not going to give up$10. I was nominated and bc I wasn’t going to find a way to get $10, I had to nominate someone else. This was in hopes that this person either donated or jumped. I picked Danny. Being that all of his friends were rushing sorties and fraternities, he had nowhere else to be. Lucky me hahaha. We jumped into the slough together and came out eternally connected. Let me tell you, Slough love is real.

How They Asked

The evening started off as a “photoshoot for @smithlasalle job in honor of Hispanic heritage month.” Turns out each step Daniel took, concealed my ring (he hid the ring In his sock lol). At the last mural, my family mobbed us and Daniel dropped to one knee. He told me he loves me from the bottom of the slough to the stars in the sky (Keep this quote in mind), and asked if I’d be his wife. My family and friends captured the moment and I went to run around and hug my family. Danny and lasalle then rushed me into an Uber, saying there was one last surprise.

The next part of the night entailed Daniel and I being as near the stars as possible as we took a private helicopter ride to view Chicago’s skyline. The rest of the night was filled with recaps and facial exercises as I tried to stop smiling (side note: I haven’t stopped smiling). I love you more than all of the fur on Kenny’s big ol body—- oh also all the fur he leaves around our apartment. I’m excited to refer to you as my fiancé.


Soon-to-be Tyina Lizette Watson ?: @smithlasalle


Special Thanks

Lasalle Smith
 | Photographer