Tyanna and Evan

We were on vacation in Florida with my family for a family wedding I was going to be photographing. It was the day before the wedding and I wanted to get some family pictures done with the nice weather and having my 2nd photographer there to help me shoot for the wedding the next day it would be perfect!!

The night before my sister in law Sammi asked if we wanted to go have a girls day since the guys would be going golfing that morning. I was down for it and so were the others. We got up that morning and they all wanted to go get their nails done. I love getting mine done and was excited. As we went looking for salons we kept getting turned away because of bookings, the girls were looking for the perfect place and didn’t want to go to just any salon. Well finally nothing was working out and we end up in this hole in the wall chain salon that did not look like it was worth it but they wanted to go. As I was getting mine it dawned on me that it was a little strange that they were so picky and then we end up in this tiny shack salon… then I was like what if Evan is proposing… Nah I thought. He has been studying to taking his Nursing boards and I was under the impression that the proposal would happen after he had passed and got a better job… He had also recently been off of work for over a month due to his recent surgery to remove the Melanoma ( Skin cancer ) behind his ear ( He is cancer free now!! WOOHOO) . So it just didn’t seem like it would be quite the right time but I couldn’t get it out of my head. SO I pulled my SIL aside and told her my thoughts and she reassured me that it was a crazy thought but she wishes it would be true ( She is a really bad liar but she nailed this one ). The rest of the day went on and I didn’t think about it anymore. I made everyone wait on me as I took forever to get ready but no one was getting on my case for taking so long and now I know why.

We all got in the car and drove for an hour to the island where my parents had their honeymoon 28 years ago and finally found the perfect spot for family pictures. Evan asked if we could do our photos last and I said sure that’s not a problem. Finishing up family pictures and Evan and I find a spot for photos and as we were posing he would jump quickly to another one and then held me so tight and kept telling me how much he loved me over and over. By the time I figured out what was happening he was asking me to marry him and trying to get the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee, it all happened so fast but the second it clicked I looked back at my family to see if this was actually happening and then completely lost it, I cried so much I didn’t say yes for the first 10 minutes! Hugs and tears being shared everywhere!

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I had gotten everything I dreamed of, my family was there, my favorite oval style diamond, at sunset,a photographer to capture it all and to have it where my parents shared their honeymoon. It was so perfect! He completely took my breath away and it is a day I will never forget!

It was a very long year but he beat the cancer, we got engaged and he has now passed his nursing boards!! Now all we have left is to get MARRIED!! June 20th can’t come soon enough!

Image 5 of Tyanna and Evan

Image 6 of Tyanna and Evan

Photos by Nicole Leone Miller Photography