Ty and Eric

How We Met: We both always laugh when someone asks us how we met. Eric was an art professor at a college here in Springfield and one of my friends was taking his class. I used to take her to and from her classes because she lived right across the street so it was no problem. I got a text message from her one day asking me if I would be interested in modeling for their art class because the female model they had suddenly quit. I asked her if I had to be naked and she said “Yes, but I figured you’d be ok with that.” I figured it probably wouldn’t be terrible, and if I hated it I could always stop. I showed up my first day of modeling and there were two other males models there that my friend “forgot” to tell me about. I knew both of them. I had known one guy since kindergarten and the other I had just graduated high school with a few years earlier. I remember being so scared because I thought I was going to be naked in front of a bunch of people that I didn’t know at all! I was looking around for the teacher, but I only saw a bunch of students. Then when she pointed him out my first thought was “THAT’S your teacher?!?!” He looked my age and very very handsome. I think he could tell I was pretty nervous and he made sure to make me feel very comfortable whenever I was there. Eventually being naked wasn’t a big deal at all. I would watch him during class and I thought he was so nice (and so cute) and I wanted to get to know him. One day after class I asked him what he was about to do and his response was “I’m about to go run some errands” and I asked if I could tag along with him and he agreed. We drove to a mall about 15 minutes away and had a great conversation. I told him I loved to hike, so we stopped somewhere outside and took a nice walk. We started hanging out a little more after that, but it wasn’t anything too serious. He told me that after the school year was over he was leaving for New York City to attend an art graduate school. I was also leaving the country for the summer and was preparing to live in Denver. A few nights before I was to leave, I had a goodbye party with some friends (including Eric) and he kissed me for the first time. It was seriously the best kiss I had ever had. Ever. After things didn’t work out in Denver, I was very delighted to find out that he was waiting another year to leave for New York. He met me at the airport when I got back and the rest, as they say, is history. Here were are almost five years later an engaged couple.

how they asked: Eric and I had been planning a vacation for the two of us for a while and we decided one of our stops would be in Chattanooga. Our second day there we decided to go to Rock City to do a little hiking and see the awesome views. Eric is terribly afraid of heights so while I was enjoying the views closely, he would always stay about 15ft behind. We got to a ledge called “Lover’s Leap” and to my surprise Eric agreed to get his picture taken with me. He gave his camera to a stranger and asked him to take a picture of us. Eric has a fancy camera, so the guy needed a little help using it. After finally snapping our picture, the guy was ready to hand the camera back to Eric but Eric asked if he could take “one more picture”. I was ready to pose again when Eric took my hand and said “So Tyisha, we’re here at Lover’s Leap….” and I don’t really remember what else he said! Lol I was so shocked. I remember telling myself that if I ever got engaged I would NOT put my hand up to my face because I don’t understand why people do that. As you can see that’s exactly where my hand went. My very sweet fiancé grabbed the wrong hand out of nervousness, but after we both calmed down a bit I made sure to fix it. It was a fantastic day!

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