They Met on Twitter, so his Proposal had a little something to do with the social media platform too

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how we met

When most people say they met online, they probably are referring to a dating site. However, my fiance and I met on Twitter! Accidentally! I spend a lot of time on Twitter searching for tickets and contests (to date, I have won close to $10,000 in prizes on Twitter), and when I wanted to find tickets to the 2013 Zoo Atlanta event, Jazzoo, I of course started searching Twitter to see if anyone had any available. My search yielded a tweet that Anuj Patel had posted a day earlier, stating that he had an extra ticket. I replied asking if he still had it. He had already given the ticket to a friend, but what caught my attention was his bio. He worked in Sports, a field I was interested in pursuing as an attorney.

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We started randomly chatting about the field, and our conversation went from tweets to direct messaging to email to text to calling and within a month or so we finally met in person! From that moment on, the rest is history. We were friends for a year and started dating in August 2014. Who would have known that one little random tweet for an extra ticket could have led me to my fiance and future husband! The screen shot below is our first and original conversation from September 2013.

how they asked

Given our history and how we met on Twitter, it was no surprise that my fiance led me on a Twitter Scavenger Hunt! The morning started with my sister dragging me out of bed to go grab breakfast. Afterwards, she took me to DryBar to get my hair done (she told me it was an early Christmas present from her). After the hair appointment, I stepped outside the salon and was shocked to find 3 of my closest friends waiting for me (two of them were outfitted with a cameras, ready to shoot video and photos for the entire day).

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My best friend had an envelope with the first clue and a rose. The “clue” was in the form of a “tweet”– my fiance had created his own tweets and hashtag. It was amazing how the clue looked so real to an actual tweet. Additionally, the tweet clue was already time stamped with the exact time that I was supposed to receive the clue.

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From then on, the day was on a strict time schedule, with each tweet clue leading me to a different location that was special to our relationship. At each location, I would be greeted by a close friend of mine and a rose, where I was given the next tweet clue. It was amazing to receive these clues at exactly the time that was posted on the tweet. My fiance was also tweeting the same clues from his actual Twitter account, so after receiving each paper clue, I was to go on Twitter and re-tweet his clue as well.

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I was led on an all day scavenger hunt around Atlanta, including a horse carriage ride that ultimately took me to the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, where my dress and shoes were waiting for me in a suite.

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The final clue asked me to take the elevator all the way up to the helipad, where my fiance was waiting for me with one last Twitter Clue. The entire day was timed so that the proposal would occur at 5pm, right when the sun was setting over Atlanta. My sister was a huge help to my fiance, as she made sure the day was progressing on time. The view from the top was breathtaking and he had professional photographers hiding out on the sides.

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My fiance’s decision to propose atop this building was even more special because he is deathly afraid of heights, so it truly demonstrated the lengths that he was willing to go to make this day special for me.

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Special Thanks

Meghna Nagarajan
 | photographer
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 | photographer