You Are Not Seeing Double – These Identical Twins Brothers Just Proposed to Identical Twins Sisters

How We Met

We are identical twin sisters, and we recently became engaged to identical twin brothers! We met Josh and Jeremy Salyers at the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. Twinsburg is a real town that welcomes twins of all ages, from all over the world, every August for a beautiful festival celebrating the unique experience of multiples. The two of us began attending the festival about seven years ago, and we look forward to it every year.

On the first day of the festival this past year, we attended the registration cookout. The event is held at a local school, where there is a huge raffle and cookout for the arriving twins. The two of us were sitting together on the bleachers with our parents in the gym auditorium, eating, and greeting friends. We sat happily surrounded on all sides by hundreds of twins, from new-borns to 100+ year olds, many of whom we recognized from years past. And then suddenly…we saw them. There in the distance, walking on the gym floor below, in the chaotic maze of multiples, were two incredibly handsome twin men whom we had never before seen, wearing matching maroon shirts, and looking like they had just walked out of our twin dreams. We were instantly drawn to them–and not just because they were so tall and handsome. It was something else too.

We frantically whispered to each other that we should go try to meet them. We stood up and made our way down the bleachers toward them. But to our dismay, by the time we had made it down to where we had seen them, the twin brothers were already exiting the gym and walking toward the parking lot.

We hoped we would see them the next day during the parade, or at the fairgrounds.But we didn’t. Although we looked, we did not catch a glimpse of the pair anywhere.

Too soon, it was the last night of the festival. Every year, there is a huge night-time party and dance for all of the adult twins held at a local beloved conference center. We put on matching yellow dresses, matching earrings, matching heels, and drove over to the party, blasting “It Takes Two, Baaa-aaby” the entire way. It was time to get our twin on!

We parked our car, and then walked through the doors of the conference center, feeling like modern twin Belles in our yellow dresses. Almost immediately, two men were walking toward us in the lobby. We gasped. It was none other than those dreamy twins we had spotted from the bleachers! “Hey, you two are identical twins, right? We are too,” one of them said in a slight, darling Tennessee accent. “Where are you from?”

Instantly, Jeremy and Briana were drawn to each other, and simultaneously, Josh and Brittany locked eyes and were, too, instantly drawn to each other. We discovered that, without even meaning to, we had paired off by birth order! Briana and Jeremy are the “older twins” and Brittany and Josh are the “younger” twins.

We only spoke for a few moments, but those few moments would forever change all of our lives. Josh and Jeremy left the festival that night to make the long drive back to their home. We later discovered that the moment we had walked into the conference center lobby, they were actually walking out of the conference center with the intent to leave right then. Had we arrived any minute later than we did that night, we likely we would have missed them. We are so glad the stars aligned for us that evening. ‘Luck’ was a twin that night.

When we got home from the festival, we had a message waiting for us from them that said they couldn’t wait to see us next year. We responded, “Why wait until next year?” That next weekend, Josh and Jeremy drove from an entirely other state to see us. The rest is (a double) history.

How He (They) Asked

On a fitting date–2/2–we arrived at Twin Lakes with our twin boyfriends, under the belief that the four of us has been asked to be in a commercial for the property. We had been told that Twin Lakes wanted to publicize the wedding venue aspect of the park by using identical twin couples as a fun association with the park name – Twin Lakes.

The two of us were wearing matching blue gowns for the commercial, and our twin boyfriends were in handsome matching suits and blue ties. The film crew met us when we arrived, as planned, and filmed us all walking together, and saying lines at different scenic spots on the property for “the commercial.”

As the sun went down, the director said that we were going to do one last take at a final romantic spot, which we were told ahead of time had been decorated as if for a wedding. When we walk to the final spot, we see a fireplace, and rose petals and candles. It was gorgeous.

Then the producer, Kim, yelled, “ACTION!” and suddenly, Josh and Jeremy both dropped to one knee, and proposed to us at the same time! It was so magical. We both said yes!

Turns out the film crew was actually INSIDE EDITION, who was there to film, not a commercial, but our double proposal! Josh and Jeremy had orchestrated the whole thing!

When we were little girls, we dreamed of the day identical twin brothers would find us, and eventually propose. Josh and Jeremy make our dream come true in the most beautiful way. We are very thankful to them, and all those who helped make it happen, including our families, Twin Lakes, the Ganz Twins of Twins Talent Casting, and Inside Edition, who will air our double proposal on Valentine’s Day!

Watch the video on Inside Edition.

Special Thanks

Kim Pestalozzi at Inside Edition
Production and Photography