Danielle and Jeff

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How We Met: I am a sports reporter for Troy University Television and Jeff is the head cross country coach at the University. We met on October 15, 2012 when I interviewed him for the first time. I thought little of it but eventually he asked me out and we went on our first date December 5, 2012. We began dating on December 27, 2012 and celebrated our one year anniversary not long ago. Jeff and I had talked about marriage and I expected we would be engaged before too long, but I never expected to be proposed to on LIVE TV!

how they asked:I was on the nightly news Wednesday, January 15, 2014 and had been told to dress especially nice because our department photographer was going to be taking photos that evening. It wasn’t all that out of the ordinary, so I went along with it. I completed my sports segment on the newscast and the end of the show was nearing. We were under on time so we needed to fill and I was ready to talk about the basketball games on campus the following evening. Little did I know, Jeff was waiting in the wings behind the set to come out and surprise me during the close. My co-anchor came back from the last segment and said there was breaking news out of cross country and asked me to explain. I had no clue until I finally saw Jeff come up on the stage. It was stunning, spectacular and something you have to see to believe!

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