Tuti and Giovannie

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our special spot by the River

How We Met

We met the weekend after Thanksgiving. A mutual friend was having a gathering and Gio and I met. Soon after we were on our first date and the rest was written in the books!

how they asked

On November the Eleventh I told Gio we were getting together as a family to celebrate my mother’s upcoming birthday. He didn’t know but I had actually been planning a surprise get together with his family to come together with my own family for a night of good food and company. Little did I know He had been planning our engagement the entire time!

Before heading to the party we stopped for gas but he kept looking at his phone and then randomly said we should go to Panera for a drink. Panera was clearly in the next city so I was confused as to why he would go all the way to the next city just for a drink. Well, we found ourselves at Panera and instead of just getting a drink, Gio now decided he was hungry! Anybody who knows Gio well knows that he is obssesed with Macaroni and cheese. You guessed it! We were now sitting down in Panera as he just had to have his macaroni and cheese. I reminded him that we should probably get going since in my mind I knew both our families would be waiting for us to arrive to surprise him.

As we drove back Gio mentioned that we should stop at “Our Spot.” A cute little place right by the River. This is where we went on our first date, where we brought in the New year & where we went just to talk about life with one another. At this point I was a growing a little curious as to why he wasn’t too worried about getting to the party. But, I still went along with it. As we got to the River it began to sprinkle a little bit so I told Gio we should just come back after the party. He looked at me as he covered me with an umbrella and said “I have a surprise for you!”

After a few minutes of walking together He led me up onto the pier where he had candles lighting up the walkway. As I took a few steps forward I felt prompted to turn around, and as I did I saw that both of our families were present. A few steps ahead Gio knelt down and asked me to spend this life & all eternity with him and I said “YES!”