Tuscany and Brice

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How We Met

We met at our apartment building in the laundry room. We kept seeing each other and finally talked to each other. Afterward, Tuscany wrote a note and taped it on Brice’s motorcycle cover. A big storm came and washed the note away. Tuscany was convinced she wasn’t going to hear from him…but the universe had its way of working out. A week later, Brice reached out to her on Facebook saying he was out of town, and if she could check to make sure his bike was okay.

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She asked about the note, but he had no idea! They ended up BOTH being interested in each other, it was fate! He ended up taking her on a date to the Atlanta botanical gardens and they were in love ever since. He bought her a Christmas tree 2 days later and flew her to meet his entire family in Virginia. Virginia is for lovers! That’s how a beach California girl meets a small town boy from Virginia.

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how they asked

2 years ago, Tuscany moved from Los Angeles to Georgia to be closer to her father. Brice moved from Virginia down to Georgia for a job opportunity. Both of them were living in the same apartment building but had no idea who each other was. A fire broke out at Tuscany’s apartment which forced her to move back to her dads. After a month, they had an opening at the same apartment but in the 1000 building. This happened to be in the same building as Brice. Tuscany would see Brice outside with his motorcycle and instantly felt a connection with him. She was working out one night, but her phone died so she left the gym. As she was leaving the gym, she sees Brice folding his laundry. They talked for awhile and she knew he was something special. A week later she reaches out to him by a note on his bike, as he reaches out to her on FB.

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They went on their first date and were instantly loving each other. A few weeks later he flew her to Virginia on Christmas to meet his entire family. 6 months later they moved into together and were getting closer. The last weekend of October Tuscany was fighting a bad cold and had a bad week. He wanted to take her up to his parent’s beach house in SC to relax for the weekend. They get there, and some of his family was there as well. He wanted to race and see the sunset and tells me to hurry up. We get on the golf cart and race down to the beach.

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Tuscany looks up and sees a photographer in the distance which she felt was weird. They kept walking on the sand, and to a picnic that was set up. He slowly brings her around and starts to propose. He is trying not to cry and she is over the moon excited. The photographer starts going off, she knew it was for them! At the picnic, he made a sign that said “Marry me, and be my honey bee” Honey bee is their song! There was a blanket with bees on it, wine, beautiful sunflowers, and glasses that say engaged. They go back to the condo, and her dad was there to SURPRISE HER! It was perfect!!

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