Katie and Greg's Turkey Trot Proposal

How We Met: I guess you could say our first “date” was a 5k race. We had been friends for a while when I agreed to come visit Greg and participate in a local run. All I know is I set my 5k personal record trying to impress him.

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how they asked: Fast forward to a year later, Thanksgiving morning. We had parted ways the night before to spend time with friends in different cities and planned to run the Cleveland Turkey Trot the next morning. Greg arrived late to pick me up and apologized, saying he had been out late with his friends. I was less than thrilled when we started the race ten minutes after everyone else.

Normally, we run races at our own separate paces (he is a lot faster) but Greg insisted he stay back with me since “he didn’t feel good.” I thought nothing of it, but kept trying to get him to run ahead. The last mile came and he finally decided to run ahead and we agreed to meet me at the finish line.

I crossed the finish line, leaped into Greg’s arms and started to walk off. He pulled me back and there he was down on one knee. I thought it was a dream. He was late because he stopped to ask my dad for permission that morning. He was late because he dropped the ring off for his buddy to hold whole we ran. To this day he still denies saying he “didn’t feel good.” It was the surprise of a lifetime and it could not have been better. On top of that, my family and some friends were at the sidelines to watch the whole thing play out.